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Baseball Roundup

So far, so good

Barry Bonds took his first day of live batting practice on Thursday and reported no pain in his balky right knee, according to the Contra Costa Times:

"His legs look OK, and his swing," [Giants manager Felipe] Alou said. "He has a tremendous base to swing from. Last year, I didn't see that very often."

Bonds still needed to rest his troublesome right knee. He pulled up a folding chair to sit near the batting cage after taking his second round of swings. The left fielder participated in outfield drills but did not stretch or run outdoors.

Hunter not quite 100%

Torii Hunter matched his career-high with 23 steals in 2005, but unlike when he did it the first time in 2002, he only needed 98 games to do so. Unfortunately, that's when his season came to a close due to a broken ankle. He discussed the ankle on Thursday with the Star-Tribune:

"I can do a lot on it. I'm around 90 percent. I'm not going to say I'm 100 percent because if I'm not hurt and I come to spring training, the next week I'll be sore. I know there are going to be different movements going on during the games so I'm going to say I'm 90 percent."

Even if the ankle is 100% by the start of the season, will Hunter continue with his newfound speedy ways on the basepaths? Only time will tell, but if it does he could surprise with at least 30-35 steals.