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Indians skipper: Victor Martinez to play DH, no mention of 1B

Remember how the Indians were giving us lip service on how Victor Martinez might actually play a little first base this year? Well, we're not even a week into spring training and manager Eric Wedge appears to be hedging. He's still interested in reducing V-Mart's workload behind the plate, but not by putting him at a (relatively) brand new position. From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Wedge said he'd also like to get Travis Hafner playing time at first base to get Martinez in the lineup as the designated hitter. "It's tough taking Victor's bat out [of the lineup]," Wedge said.

An ailing elbow limited Hafner to 12 games at first base over the past two seasons.

Hafner is awfully fragile when he's playing the field, but any chance that he actually gets first base eligibility instead of being just a DH will certainly give fantasy owners a few more options.

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