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Amare Stoudemire could return in March

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Amare Stoudamire was scheduled for an MRI on his surgically-repaired left knee today. From the Arizona Republic:

Stoudemire is to undergo a fourth magnetic resonance imaging test today on his surgically repaired left knee, but it is the most important one. With good results, Stoudemire could "turn it up a notch," as the Suns power forward put it. He could be playing basketball in progressive stages this month and appearing in a Suns game as soon as the start of March if all went perfectly.

The Suns certainly don't need to rush him -- they'd be the Western Conference's No. 2 seed if the playoffs began today -- but fantasy owners must be eager about getting him back in the fold. The start of March seems awfully optimistic for his return, but the good news is that by all accounts he's kept his strength up and is in great shape.

The prospects of Stoudemire returning soon should also be a concern for Boris Diaw owners, as the third-year forward is the most likely to lost his spot in the starting lineup when Amare returns.

I'm a little nervous about what Stoudemire will actually be able to contribute, though, and I wonder if it will take a while before his playing time and effectiveness reaches his old levels.

What about you guys? If he were on your team right now, would you hold onto him in hopes of a late-season contribution, or would you trade him now while he still had some value left?