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Fantasy Olympics

Fantasy hoops and hockey are in full force, and baseball is just around the corner. For some fantasy junkies, however, that's just not enough to get by, prompting the creation of the Fantasy Olympics.

Check out the Rules:

1. Live draft will be held on Feb. 10 via conference call. Time TBD. Happy birthday, Jeremy.
  1. Draft order will be determined by a random draw conducted by Bryan Clark. Round 1 will go in order from 1-4, round 2 from 4-1, round 3 from 1-4, etc. Each player gets one pick per round for 10 rounds.
  2. Each player will select a total of 10 athletes from the U.S. Olympic team. Any athletes not drafted will be deemed Free Agents. Teams may add, drop or trade players through their first event. Whoever holds the athlete at the time of his or her first even is locked in and cannot remove the athlete from the roster.
  3. The winner will be the player with the most points at the end of the Winter Olympic games. Points will be assigned as follows: 3 points for a gold medal, 2 points for a silver medal and 1 point for a bronze medal. Each player's final score will be based on an aggregate score from his 10 players.
  4. Medals in team sports can only count once toward the final total. For example, even if a player selects two members of the U.S. Hockey, they can only earn points for one medal in hockey.
  5. Players will be responsible for updating their medal count on the Web site as their athletes compete. The winner will be subject to an audit at the completion of the Games by the Fantasy Olympics Committee.
  6. A formal ceremony honoring the winner will take place via conference call during the Closing Ceremonies. Good luck.

I would have totally gone for a thing like this had I thought about it before the Games started. I don't know squat about most of the sports, but it would have been a nice incentive to learn something and pay attention.

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