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Joe Borchard thinks about the CFL

It's been a long, long tims since Joe Borchard was considered a top prospect, and almost as long since anyone thought he had a realistic chance to stick around for long as a reserve, but I figured this might make for good water cooler conversation nonetheless. From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Borchard said he has talked to both general manager Ken Williams and assistant GM Rick Hahn several times this offseason about being traded. With those requests not being met as spring training camps open this week, Borchard now is entertaining the idea of pursuing a football career he walked away from when the Sox drafted the two-sport athlete from Stanford in 2000.

''This was the first offseason where I did start thinking about things differently,'' Borchard said. ''I talked to an old offensive coordinator friend of mine from college who is now in the CFL [Canadian Football League] and asked him if I had a chance to play in that league still. He told me, 'You've got a spot waiting for you.' So, yeah, you start thinking about it.''

Why not? Would you really miss him? It's clear he doesn't have a future in the big leagues, and at 27, his window of opportunity to switch sports is fast closing.

Canada or bust for Sox' Borchard? [Chicago Sun-Times via Baseball Musings]