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Pittsburgh/Atlanta Failed Trade

I was already to write about the reported Adam LaRoche-for-Mike Gonzalez deal until I read this AM that it had fallen apart.  I thought it was a great trade for both teams as the Pirates wanted to obtain a lefty-hitting slugging 1B, and the Braves need to stockpile power arms in the bullpen in the event Bob Wickman finally succumbs to all the sabremetric naysayers in the Roto-commentariat.

There were also very clear fantasy baseball implications in both teams' bullpens.  For Pittsburgh RHR Salomon Torres would immediately become the nominal closer going into Spring Training, and, almost as quickly, those aforementioned sabremetric naysayers would begin to tout control-freak 2nd-year reliever Matt Capps as the imminent closer.  Despite my characterization, I'd tend towards agreement with a small dose of humble pie obtained from last season's prognostications on Marlins' closer Joe Borowski.

The effect on Torres' draft value would be real.  Without a supply-and-demand imbalance, Torres would be one of the cheapest closers available as Capps' breath on his neck would be more obvious than a nudist's in Antarctica.

The same value-depressing effect would be present in Atlanta.  Bob Wickman would have gone from a lock to close all year due to the lack of a competent alternative to one whose value would be cut in half with 24-for-24 lefty Mike Gonzalez's presence.

Unfortuantely, the deal didn't occur so my intentions were thwarted.  However, the Braves' acquistion of sabre-fave reliever Rafael Soriano from the Mariner's for LHS Horatio Ramirez will provide the necessary fodder to keep the Roto-commentariat heat on Wickman and serve to depress his draft day value anyhow.

Update [2006-12-7 14:41:44 by Eric Hz]: Here is a very interesting backstory on the failed trade.

Apparently, it is so interesting that it caused the site to crash. keep trying.