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Chicago White Sox Starting Pitchers

White Sox GM Kenny Williams is amongst the most intrepid GMs in baseball.  He is capable of looking at his team and making the necessary changes.

With a surplus of starting pitchers, the desire to move youngster Brandon McCarthey into the rotation, and the pending rotation holes of 2007 free agent starters Freddie Garcia and Mark Beurhle, Williams has set out to address each.

Yesterday, he dealt SP Freddie Garcia to the Phillies for former highly-regarded RHS Gavin Floyd and AA LHS Gio Gonzalez.  This opened a 2007 rotation spot for Brandon McCarthey and provided starting pitching depth for 2008.  

Today, he dealt RHS Jon Garland to the Astros for CF Willy Tavares, RHS Taylor Buchholz and RHS Jason Hirsh.  Hirsh should be expected to step into the 5th starter slot in 2007.

With the deals, Williams has added two starters who will provided discounted innings for a few years and stocked the organization with major-league ready starting depth in Buchholz, Floyd and Gonzalez.

The acquistion of CF Tavares also opens the way for another trade or two as the White Sox now have 4 similarly-skilled OFers in Tavares, Scott Podsednick, Brian Anderson and AAA speedster Jerry Owens.

Nevermind, the excess in cheap starting prospects just acquired.  Kenny Williams has done a great job addressing his current needs, future ones and adding chips for to adjust if additional needs arise.

Update [2006-12-7 11:56:51 by Eric Hz]: From Ken Davidoff at Newsday:

The Astros were quite confident they had a deal with the White Sox for righthander Jon Garland this morning, and high-ranking team officials had no problem telling people as much. But White Sox officials insist there is no deal -- at least not yet.

I hope the glowing analysis reaches Mr. Williams, and he accepts the offer!

Update [2006-12-7 13:34:33 by Eric Hz]: Jason Stark reports:

The White Sox-Astros deal that had Jon Garland going to Houston for Willy Taveras and Taylor Buchholz has no chance of happening as it has been reported. White Sox GM Kenny Williams said that he can't trade a second starter unless he gets two major pieces in return.

Williams is still intrepid. Just not as much.