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Scouts & Stats

Over at Minor League Ball, there is a debate going on in one of his diaries about the value of scouting versus statistical analysis.

It was spurred on by one of the users poor experiences with the scouting sides.  Specifically, a nastiness that seems to be brought down upon a statshead in a scout-centered chat room.

With the $70MM commitment by Theo Epstein and the Red Sox to stats-inspired J.D. Drew and the vitriol towards J.D. by the scouting community, this debate will only get more venomous.  Much of the reasoning behind one's view on the JD signing is, at its core, stats vs scouts.

I am aware many of you visit and post at John's site, but many may not have registered there but have here.  What do you think about the stats vs scouts and why do you think the debate is so nasty.