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Elijah Dukes

A couple years ago, Ryan Howard was stuck behind $84MM 1B Jim Thome.  Howard had just had a minor league season where he hit 48 HRs, but his path to major league ABs was blocked by Thome and the lack of a DH in the NL.

In my 2005 NL-only minor league draft, Howard fell to 6th where I grabbed him.  In 2006, he led my team to a 1st place finish as a $5 player in a $260 cap league.

This year, Elijah Dukes is in a similar situation.  He is blocked by Tampa Bays' overabundance of elite OF propsects of which he is one.

With Jonny Gomes slated for DH, there does not appear to be anywhere for Dukes to break-in to the major league club.

Do not let that thinking dissuade you from treating Dukes as one of the elite 2007 fantasy baseball prospects.  He is 22 years-old and had a .399 OBP in AAA with a .488 SLG.

Here is an article at The Hardball Times that provides those of you stats-dependent fantasy gamers who have a hard time keeping things as simple as age, OBP, SLG when predicting the future.