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Trade Help

I have been enagaged recently in trade discussions to add Andy Marte to my 3B-laden AL-keeper league (Mark Teahen, Melvin Mora, Nick Punto) because Marte's owner stated he badly wanted to move Marte.  Badly wanted to move Marte?  I decided to try to add him.

My opening offer was $4 Jake Westbrook for $5 Marte and $8 Nelson Cruz.  This followed lots of teeth-gnashing about my acquisition of Westbrook for Dioner Navarro.  Until that trade was completed, I had no idea everyone else in the league liked Westbrook so much.  I was then forced to consider trading him for that perceived value versus just keeping him as a solid starting pitcher.

The counteroffer, after some histrionics (Why don't you take my 5th born?!?!), was Jorge Posada/Jonny Gomes or Adam Lind/3rd pick in the minor league draft.  I recountered with Ben Zobrist/Carl Pavano/Nick Punto for Marte and Jorge Cantu.

Rightly, the response centered around the riskiness of the three players I offered. Actually of two, Zobrist and Pavano, and the lack of knowledge about Punto.

I recountered with Posada and Jerry Owens for Marte.  My figuring was Posada would match Marte in production assuming Marte actually produced - 20/80/.265, and the chance of Owens making the team would make-up for the salary difference between Jorge and Marte ($13) with his SB potential.

Well that did it.  The next offer was Jorge Posada, Owens and either Jonny Gomes, Adam Lind or the #3 pick.

Where did I go wrong?