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2007 New York Yankees and Tampa Bay DRays Fantasy Values

The Yankees are loaded with hitting talent. If a fantasy team tried to get all of them, they'd do very well. The Yankees have AVg, HR, RBI and SBs in abundance.

The Devil Rays are a tricky team because of their potential. With enough ABs, almost all of their Hitters would be boosted to a higher level, and Rocco Baldelli is on the verge of being a $30+ player. Their pitching? I listed RHP Juan Salas only because I do not have a ton of faith in closer Seth McClung but see little in the way of alternatives for Joe Maddon's team.

New York
$30+ ARod Johnny Damon
Bobby Abreu
$17-$29 Jason Giambi Robinson Cano
Derek Jeter Jorge Posada
Hideki Matsui
$1-$10 Melky Cabrera Andy Phillips
Josh Phelps
$20+ Mariano Rivera
$10-$19 Chein Min Wang Mike Mussina
Andy Pettitte
$1-$10 Kei Igawa Carl Pavano
Kyle Farnsworth Scott Proctor
Tampa Bay
$30+ Carl Crawford
$17-$29 Rocco Baldelli Delmon Young
$10-$16 Jonny Gomes Jorge Cantu
BJ Upton Akinori Iwamura
$1-$10 Dioner Navarro Ty Wigginton
Elijah Dukes Ben Zobrist
$10-$19 Scott Kazmir Seth McClung
$1-$10 James Shields Juan Salas