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2007 Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox Fantasy Values

Here are the fantasy values/rankings for the Orioles and the Red Sox. A couple of notes. For the Orioles, the young gunslinging walk machines, Adam Loewen and Daniel Cabrera, could be bumped up a level in leagues that count strikeouts. For the Red Sox, their bullpen is a crapshoot for saves so an argument can be made that every single one of the relievers is worth a $1 or $2 come draft time. If you've got a case for a closer, leave a comment.

$30+ Brian Roberts Miguel Tejada
$17-$29 Cory Patterson Melvin Mora
Nick Markakis
$10-$16 Ramon Hernandez Jay Gibbons
Jay Payton
$1-$10 Kevin Millar Freddie Bynum
Adam Stern
$20+ Chris Ray
$10-$19 Eric Bedard
$1-$10 Danys Baez Daniel Cabrera
Kris Benson Adam Loewen
$30+ Manny Ramirez Dave Ortiz
$17-$29 JD Drew Coco Crisp
Jason Varitek Julio Lugo
$10-$16 Kevin Youkilis Mike Lowell
$1-$10 Eric Hinske Wily Mo Pena
Dustin Pedroia
$20+ Curt Schilling Daisake Matsuzaka
$10-$19 Josh Beckett Jon Papelbon
$1-$10 Tim Wakefield Mike Timlin
Brednan Donnelly Hideki Okajima
Deveran Hansack Manny Delcarmen