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2007 Washington Nationals and St. Louis Cardinals Fantasy Values

"Son! Don't fly too close to the sun!"

"Old man, don't you know it gets colder the higher you fly?"

With that, here are my player values/rankings for the Washington Nationals and St. Louis Cardinals. A couple of notes though. The Nationals play in a pitcher's park. Their starters should be considered sleepers where talent warrants. Sorry, Tim Redding. The Cardinals have had success with starting pitchers and Wins. Right now, there are still holes in the rotation, but whoever fills them is a draftable player.

$17-$29 Ryan Zimmerman Nick Johnson
Felipe Lopez Austin Kearns
$10-$16 Ryan Church
$1-10 Christian Guzman Brian Schneider
Nook Logan Alex Escobar
Kory Casto Chris Snelling
$20+ Chad Cordero
$10-$19 John Patterson
$1-$10 Emiliano Fruto Jon Rauch
St Louis
$30+ Albert Pujols
$17-$29 Scott Rolen Jim Edmonds
Chris Duncan
$10-$16 Dave Eckstein Adam Kennedy
Juan Encarnacion
$1-10 Yadier Molina So Taguchi
Scott Spiezio
$20+ Chris Carpenter
$10-$19 Jason Isringhausen Adam Wainwright
$1-$10 Anthony Reyes Braden Looper
Kip Wells Russ Springer