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Randy Johnson and Organizational Hitting Depth

Apparently, the Randy Johnson trade wasn't dependent on the ability of the Yankees to turn around and pursue Barry Zito, if this morning's NY Daily News is correct.  The paper reports the Yankees would like two of the following three pitching prospects - Dustin Nippert, Micah Owings and Ross Ohlendorf.

Apparently, the Diamondbacks are not too keen on dealing them.  If this is a case of young pitchers being too valuable to deal, then why don't the Yankees look towards rebuilding their minor league hitting then?  Not that the Yankees need to pry CF Chris Young, or SS Stephen Drew or RF Carlos Quentin or 1B Conor Jackson in exchange for the remaining Ornery Brother, but how about AAA 1B Chris Carter, good plate discipline - more BBs(78) than Ks(69), and AA 3B Jamie D'Antona - .310/.382/.484)?  Both have decent numbers and either could be expected to play as well as 1B Andy Phillips.  And the very fact Phillips is still considered the starting 1B attests to the utter lack of corner depth in the organization.  (Sorry Eric Duncan fans.)

Both players would seem to be too little in this pitching-precious market, but the Yanks could always ask for major league reliever Luis Vizcaino, a free agent after next season.  That wouldn't be too much to ask, would it?