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Barry Zito 7 years $126 Million

Wow.  Sounds as if Boras found his new Kevin Malone (or Tom Hicks) in Giants' GM Brian Sabean.  Barry Zito is young for the Giants (and free agents) at 28, so that mitigates the contract somewhat.  And I'm sure the Giants look at Matt Cain's $380K salary and tell themselves they are "saving" $17.62MM in 2007 and 2008.

But wow.  That blows out of the water even my irrationally exuberant forecast.  ($113MM at bottom of post.)

Real money aside, Zito should be a decent $20 starter in NL-only leagues and similar in production to Tom Glavine or Chris Capuano in mixed leagues.  Unless, of course, he suffers the same declines in production his former A's teammates, Tim Hudson and Mark Mulder, did when they moved to the NL.  Then he will be a bust.