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Shea Hillenbrand

The Angels now have 6.5 million reasons not to give Casey Kotchman or Kendry Morales the ABs necesary to prove their major-league worthiness.  To pile-on, isn't Robb Quinlan essentially the same hitter as Hillenbrand but with more defensive utility?  To pile-on some more, the Angels offense suffers from an inability to get on-base.  Adding a hitter whose 2006 OBP was .313 doesn't appear to be an obvious solution, doe it?

The signing is a panic move by the Angels following the injury to OF/DH Juan Rivera whose broken leg may keep him out for several months of the 2007 season.  I don't see how free-agent Craig Wilson wouldn't have been a better signing.

He offers some OF versatility in addition to a firstbaseman's glove.  His OBP was higher in 2006 (ha ha), but his OBP in every season prior to last year was greater than Hillenbrand's career-high .348.

This signing appears foolish, but I'll allow I am missing something.  Otherwise, the deal makes no sense whatsoever.