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More Will Carroll Mongering

Yesterday, I linked to an article by Baseball Prospectus' Will Carroll about an impending trade involving three big names.  Fake Team's reader raygu alerted me to Mr. Carroll's follow-up which, names aside, centers around the Atlanta Braves.   If Will Carroll is to be trusted,  "the Braves are in full dump mode."

What is interesting are the big-name CFs Will mentions as the targets of the Braves - Rocco Baldelli, Curtis Granderson and Nick Markakis.  My first thought was, "Would any of these teams trade a young CF for a free-agent-to-be Andruw Jones?"  

For the Rays and Baldelli, that answer is, "No."  For the Tigers and Granderson, the answer is, "Yes," and for the Orioles, the answer is, "Did Peter Angelos see a glimmer on the window pane?"

My next thoughts were, "How is Will Carroll being used to disseminate information?  Has he become anything better the the beat writer in the pocket of ownership?"