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2007 Atlanta Braves and New York Mets Fantasy Values

Here are the values I would pay in 4X4 NL-only keeper leagues that follow traditional Rotisserie baseball rules. I know most people play 5x5 leagues, but the translation should be fairly simple. Ask yourself, whether a player is valued correctly relative to those above and below him i.e is Andruw Jones better than Chipper Jones. If you have a mixed league auction, ask yourself who will go for more money i.e. Adam laRoche or Edgar Renteria. And so on.

Have I left someone off? Certainly. Are this lists impervious to alteration? Certainly not. There is a ton of off-season left, and situations change. But to prepare properly, you must have a general lay of the land, and these rankings will provide that. Let the debate begin!

$30+ Andruw Jones
$17-$29 Chipper Jones Jeff Francoeur
Adam LaRoche Brian McCann
$10-$16 Edgar Renteria
$1-$10 Matt Diaz Ryan Langerhans
Kelly Johnson Scott Thorman
$20+ John Smoltz Bob Wickman
$10-$19 Rafael Soriano
$1-$10 Tim Hudson Mike Hampton
Chuck James
NY Mets
$30+ Jose Reyes Carlos Beltran
David Wright
$17-$29 Carlos Delgado
$10-$16 Moises Alou Paul LoDuca
$1-$10 Jose Valentin Shawn Green
Lastings Milledge Ben Johnson
$20+ Pedro Martinez Billy Wagner
$10-$19 Tom Glavine
$1-$10 John Maine Orlando Hernandez
Ambiorix Burgos Oliver Perez