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2007 Breakout Candidates

The Sporting News has listed a 2007 breakout player in each of its team's capsules.  Below are the players on offense from those capsules. (Sorry IDPers.) Bear in mind that each team is limited to one player.  There are bound to be ones that are missed or that you and I believe are better candidates or have already broken out.

QB: Bronco Jay Cutler, Redskin Jason Campbell

RB: Bear Cedric benson, Panther D'Angelo Williams

TE: Texan Owen Daniels, Jaguar Marcedes Lewis, Buc Alex Smith

WR: Patriot Chad Jackson, Jet Brad Smith, Steeler Santonio Holmes, Titan Brandon Jones, Raider Johnie Morant, Charger Vincent Jackson, Giant Sinorice Moss

From a fantasy football perspective, I don't see any of those players listed, outside the RBs, that would be a top ten rounds pick.