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Other Fantasy Baseball Opinions on Sheffield Trade

Here are some fantasy baseball perspectives, other than mine own, on the Gary Sheffield trade.

Rotoworld's Aaron Gleemen:

What Detroit may regret even more is giving up three solid young pitchers in Humberto Sanchez, Kevin Whelan, and Anthony Claggett. Sanchez in particular has a chance to be a top-of-the-rotation starter or dominant late-inning reliever, although he'll have to get past nagging elbow problems and improve his control...This deal is a "win" for Detroit now, but has a chance to look very good for New York down the road.

Rototimes' Mike Sheets:

The only real concern here is in regards to Sanchez's health, as he's dealt with a variety of injuries in the past (elbow, groin, shoulder, knee). ...The risk will certainly be there, but if [Sheffield's] healthy and proves that his wrist is back at full-strength, he'll produce. Simply put, he's going to be one of those high risk/high reward players heading into next year, with owners not knowing exactly how to value him.

ESPN's Eric Karabell:

So how do I feel about the move? Well, I like what the Tigers did. They didn't waste any time making a move for exactly the player they needed. The rotation is set, the bullpen strong, and the lineup doesn't have obvious holes. They needed a feared DH with power. Nice move. ...[Sanchez] also spent time on the disabled list with inflammation in his pitching (right) elbow, and had his season cut short. In 2005 he threw only 64.2 innings due to other injuries....He could be major league ready at some point in 2007, and is definitely a name to watch in fantasy, especially considering few teams can offer the run support the Yankees do....