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Answers for KC/AZ & NYJ/JAX

Kansas City at Arizona 4:05 p.m.

Another Fake Teams prediction came true.  Damon Huard's 76% completion rate did worsen - to 68.4%.  Huard had the 2nd highest passing yards in Week Five, 288, and threw for two TDs.  He is a safe pick-up right now.

RB Larry Johnson got his 142 total yards with 106 coming on the receiving end.  With a TD, he performed as his owners minimally expect.

Despite QB Huards performance, none of his WRs had a good game. Eddie Kennison led the core with 48 yards, and Sammie Parkewr caught his other TD pass.  More disappointing was the one reception by TE Tony Gonzalez.

#10 overall pick, Matt Leinart, started off like gangbusters with his first pass going for a 49 yard TD to Anquan Boldin.  He came back to Earth following that, but still finished with a decent game - 22/35/253 with two TDs.


former 1st round pick, RB Edgerrin James, looks like an RB2, and then not even a top-ranked one.  24 rushes for 71 yards continues his efforts of sub-4.0 ypc.

However, he caught six balls from Leinart, and, with the Larry Fitzgerald injury, I'd expect that level of production to continue.


N.Y. Jets at Jacksonville 4:05 p.m.

That was the Jets team everyone expected to see before the season started - an ineffective Pennington and an impotent offense.

Rookie RB Leon Washington had one of those games that only count in fantasy leagues.  he rushed for 103 yards, but only because Jets coach Eric Mangini decided to stay with the run down 28-0.  And 31-0.  And 38-0.  And 41-0.

There is little doubt the effort has put Washington into the lead in the capricous starting RB job for the Jets.  How about that WR/RB/QB Brad Smith getting the Week Five start?

Was this game the beginning of the Jim Jones ending I wondered about?

What a recovery for the Jaguars defense.  From 36 points allowed to the Redskins to a shutout of the Jets.  However, MLB Mike Peterson was lost for the season with a torn pectoral muscle, so you have to wonder if this represented the apex for the 2006 season.

Wow!  The Jaguars shredded the jets run defense with starter Fred Taylor gaining 111 yards and a rushing TD while top-rated handcuff Maurice Jones-Drew gained 59 yards and two rushing TDs.

There is no remaining doubt that Jones-Drew is in the mix every week and that makes Taylor a weekly decision for fantasy players everywhere.

WR Reggie Williams was OK with 53 yards and a TD, but, more interesting, was TE George Wrightster, whom I pointed out.  QB Byron Leftwich found him in the end zone for a 1 yard Td after RB Fred Taylor was unable to punch the ball in.

As is typical for TEs with a TD, he had seven points in total.