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New York Yankees News - Joe Torre

NOTE: I wrote this last season around this time. The Yankees had just lost to the Tigers in the ALDS, and the New York Papers were in a scoop frenzy. Very little seams to have changed, wouldn't you agree?

I am a New York Yankees fan.  I have been all my life and do not forsee that changing.

The New York media has been obsessed with the story of Yankees manager Joe Torre's firing for [two] days.  You'd think there were no other New York baseball teams playing play-off baseball!

The way in which the "firing" was announced - in a leak story [in] the New York Daily News Bergen Record - was classless, and something Joe Torre did not deserve after eleven twelve seasons of being made a fool by George Steinbrenner and the toadies that surround him.  He stoicly took this and deserved better.

However, this situation will inevitably be the way Torre's tenure will end if he managees into the 2007 season.  How can anyone doubt that a lame duck manager will survive without his $7 million dolar shield that protected him this season or the $14 million one that protected him in 2005?

Did anyone forget those rumblings that Torre should be fired?

No matter what the NY media professes, they will want to be the ones breaking the story (see leak to Daily News) and will remain in the debt of Yankee front office leaks for their livelihood long after Joe Torre attains the peace Don Zimmer took [three] seasons ago.

It will end ugly unless today's news that Torre will won't be back is just a first step in a process that has Joe Torre resigning this winter the way he deserves - a classy exit on his own terms in which all the baseball media celebrates his successful eleven seasons at the Yankee helm.