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Answers for PIT/SD & BAL/DEN

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Pittsburgh at San Diego 8:15 p.m.

QB Ben Roethlisberger is killing the Steelers.  He threw two INTs without a TD pass. None of his WRs did well as a result.

And until Big Ben plays better, none of them are worth starting.  You could start TE Heath Miller, but only because so little is expected from the position.  He is defintely not the fast-riser many thought he'd be.  

Color me impressed with QB Phillip Rivers.  I thought he'd have a very difficult game against a Steelers defense coming off a bye and an embarassing effort against the Bengals.

24/37/242 with two TDs is an excellent line - all things considered.

Of more interest was the 11 carries and 56 yards of #2 Rb Michael Turner.

LaDanian Tomlinson only had 36 yards rushing on 13 carries.

I don't own him, but I feel sick to my stomach for those who do.  I'm sure it is just a bad cup of coffee, but I don't like it one bit.  Take away Week One versus the Raiders, and he has been out-performed by Turner, 240 to 205 yds.


Baltimore at Denver 8:30 p.m.

Watching the highlights of this game on Sprint's NFL Mobile left me with the obvious conclusion - what highlights?

In what may have been one of the dullest fantasy games of the year, the Ravens had no good fantasy players.  QB Steve McNair, not a good one to

begin with, threw 3 INTs and no TDs, RB Jamaal Lewis had 43 yards while his back-ups, Mike Anderson and Musa Smith, had 31 and 14 yards respectively, and WR Derrick Mason had 45 yardss and TE Todd Heap 21.

Regardling the RB carries, Lewis has 15 while Anderson had 5 and Smith had 3.  I do not see much reason to start Lewis if you have two other mostly viable options

Broncos RB Tatum Bell went from a RBBC to getting the full-time job with 19 carries and 92 yards.  Mike Bell started from the same spot and ended last night with no carries.

Mike bell has become the first wasted 4th round pick of the season.

Qb Jake Plummer "lead" his team to the victory.  However, his 106 yards passing and an INT is not enough to off-set his 4-yard TD pass to Rod Smith.  Another awful fantasy performance from a QB.

WR Javon Walker had five receptions and 63 yards.  No fantasy owner is happy to see that type of production from a WR2.

From last week:
"I cannot conclude that Walker is a legit WR2 right now nor can I say with any confidence the Broncos have a passing game any better than their Monday night opponent's game."