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Introduction To Daily Fantasy Sports

An introduction to daily fantasy sports. The new wave of the industry.

Fantasy Basketball Buy Low, Sell High: Time To Say Bye To #Linsanity

Fantasy Basketball Buy Low, Sell High. Yes, I think it's a good idea to trade #Linsanity.

Watchlist Essentials: Six Fantasy Basketball Players Who Need To Be On Your Radar

In fantasy basketball, drafting a decent squad is only half the battle. Knowing who and when to add someone off the waiver wire can go a long way in securing future success. However, unless you're...

Fantasy Basketball 2012: Waiver Wire Add/Drops - It's Byron Mullens Time

Time to hit the Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire. Shallow and Deep League adds .. Byron Mullens time!

FTHT Draft Results: A Jambalaya of Remnant Recaps

*in my best Frank Sinatra impersonation* And now, the end is near And I present the final recaps The FakeTeams Hoops Tournament It's been a blast, saying what happened The draft, we have gone...

FTHT Draft Results: Jeff Andriesse / Justin Kendall

So initially, I had planned to get these team-by-team testimonies of the FakeTeams Hoops Tournament members done by New Year's Day. But then I got preoccupied by stuff, and things, and...

FTHT Draft Results: ZombieMonta

Well, it's my turn in the box. I was gifted with the fifth position in the FakeTeams Hoops Tournament -- the official fantasy basketball experts league of FakeTeams -- which allowed me to construct...

FTHT Draft Results: Ken Gayton/Dennis Velasco

Fourth verse, same as the first. In today's edition, Ken Gayton of BlogDudes.com tells us what he thought about his drafted team in the FakeTeams Hoops Tournament of Supreme Importance ZOMG! Gayton...

FTHT Draft Results: Adam Madison

Hello, friends. How long has it been? 5 days you say, 5 days since the latest draft update from FakeTeams Hoops Tournament? Well that just won't do. Not at all. I know how much you've all been...

Fantasy Basketball 2012: Time to Buy Low on Dorell Wright?

A few weeks in to the fantasy basketball season it is time to decide who to sell high on and who to target as a buy low.

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