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It is, however, a very clear sign that we’ve gone too far. A good idea—protecting pitchers from i...


It is, however, a very clear sign that we’ve gone too far. A good idea—protecting pitchers from injury due to overuse—has been warped, with ill effects for the industry. The marginal innings that veteran starters aren’t throwing—and we’re talking about maybe 10-20 a season for some large number of pitchers—are not just going to inferior pitchers, but they’re driving roster decisions that have changed the way the game is played. As much as La Russa-influenced tactics have helped redesign reliever usage, the lack of those extra pitches and extra innings has forced teams to carry 11, 12, and sometimes 13 pitchers as a workaround. That change has reduced the amount of platooning and shortened benches to the point that many teams have non-functioning reserve corps.

Baseball Prospectus | Articles | Prospectus Today: Manageable Workloads

MLB Trade Rumors: Friday Round-Up


Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus posted a Rumor Mill yesterday afternoon with some excellent follow-uyp to many of the rumors that have been posted here at Fake Teams, been mentioned in the...

Free Preview Week At Baseball Prospectus


While there had been no announcement on their home page, stated in the opening line of Will Carroll's column is some great news: For those of you reading BP and Under The Knife for the first...

DePo @ PetCo c/o BP


Pretend for a moment you don' t know this is a sports website.  Are you pretending?  No?  Come on, just play along. Last night I listened to an upper management type from a local business speak....

Joba Chamberlain: An Elite Starting Pitcher?


On yesterday's ESPN Fantasy Focus 20080620 (click to open in your media player), hosts Matthew Berry and Nate Ravitz asked each other whether the other thought New York Yankees' ace-in-the-making...

2008 Baseball Draft


With the major league draft a little over one week away, those experts devoted to following the minor leagues have their versions of mock drafts available.  One of the more interesting is the one...

Top Position Players By VORP


There has certainly been an outage of offense in the American League this season. The questions of why and for how long remain unanswered. Here is a list of the Top 3 players by position using...

Baseball Prospectus | Articles | Prospectus Today: Chillin' in the American League


More speculation on the disappearance of power in the AL. I've hit upon this for a couple weeks or so, and here is some more speculation in the context of Mr. Sheehan and Mr. Bridle's article. What kind of players would make-up a team's bench if it only had 12 or 13 spots for hitters? A back-up catcher and back-up infielder would be musts. These are typically punchless. One would also expect a back-up outfielder and back-up cornerman. Unless the starting nine were ironmen, one would expect these four players, selected by defensive ability, to play as frequently as any other back-ups would. Under the assumption that back-ups chosen for defensive ability are less powerful and the shorter bench leaves no room for a big bopper, then those ABs by the current set of back-ups would be expected to show less power and not necessarily with any change in AVg or BABIP, no?

Washington Nationals: Why Not Elijah Dukes


The Washington Nationals engendered a lot of positive feelings in the pre-season.  They had just come off a 73-win 2007 season that defied all the pre-2007 expectations.  Most of those held the...


ESPN, BP & USA Today Chats Week of 05/05/2008

Friday, May 9, 2008:

Fantasy Sports:

Fantasy Injuries with Stephania Bell at 11AM.

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