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Fantasy Football – ADP Report #1


Who are the biggest MOVERS in the world of ADP this week??

Milan 1 Juventus 1


Oh the things I could say... -Did Iaquinta push Flamini on his goal...sure... -Did Favalli get a soft red...sure... -Did Pato get pulled down in the box right before the red...sure... -Funny how...

Nostalgia and Revenge


This game has always been an important and special fixture to me, even as a child I knew the importance of Juventus, the way the play and the respect they commanded. To some extent I was sometimes...

Maldini Monday


Marco P. who blogs about ADP shares his views on Maldini... Before Alessandro Del Piero, I had two idols in soccer. The first, was the legendary Roberto Baggio, who became the object of my...

We Are Screwed


There's a whole host of statistics out there that might give us some confidence- It's been 4-5 years since Roma has beaten Juventus, it's since 2000-2001 since they've beaten us in Turin, and...

Juventus 0-3 Milan; It's All Over


Some have said this is one of our worst games in recent memory, getting hammered by archrivals Milan in our own backyard, our first home loss to the Rossoneri since 03-04. I disagree, while we were...

Juve Training Photos


Preseason has been going well, with Ferrara particularly focusing on the physical condition of the players. When I first heard this, it sent a lump into my throat and I imagined the rash of...

Happy Birthday Del Piero; Moves Into Second Place All-Time Appearances


What more could you ask for as a career? Not much more if your Alessandro Del Piero that's for sure. 'Il Pinturicchio' turns 33 today two days before our game against Parma Sunday. Once again...

The Boys Are Back In Town; Juventus 1-Inter 1


La Vecchia Signora's fine silverware was on display Sunday as we hosted that 'other team' from Milan. That 'other team' who for once, came into the derby as the odds on favorite to win. Throughout...

Just When You Think It's Safe To Write A Match Review...


This week, La Juve garnered more applause than an a topless co-ed in spring break, more whistles than a guys night out at the bar, more red cards than on Valentine's Day, more regrets than a horny...

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