Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy

Check out Christopher Rizzo's 2013 Draft Strategy Series.

Deep League Drafting: Second Base


The keystone has traditionally been one of the shallower positions on the diamond. What do the last three years tell us, if anything, about where and who we should be drafting?

Mark Trumbo: 30 HR hitter is now a commodity


After seeing Diamondbacks GM Kevin Towers trade for Mark Trumbo, I wondered why he gave up a young starting pitcher and young center fielder for him. Now I know.

Keeper League Trade: Taveras for Stanton


I made a big trade in one of my NL-only keeper leagues last week, landing Cardinals outfielder Oscar Taveras for a package that included Giancarlo Stanton.

Discussing Mike Trout's Auction Price in 2014


There has been some talk over the last few days of how big a contract Angel's outfielder Mike Trout would get once he becomes a free agent in a few years. Let's discuss how much he would fetch in a...

Deep League Drafting: Catcher


Using durability and sabermetrics to evaluate past performance, can we help determine "positional scarcity" in order to help fantasy managers draft well in 2014?

Draft Strategy:Trends in 5 x 5 Pitching Categories


Ray takes a look at some trends in the 5 x 5 pitching categories for the period 2010 - 2013.

Draft Strategy: Comparing 5 x 5 Categories


Ray takes a look at each of the 5 x 5 league categories comparing 2013 vs 2012 to see if we can identify any trends. And he found a big one.

Keeper League Conundrum: Keep Kevin Gausman?


To keep or not to keep Orioles starter Kevin Gausman. That is the dilemma that I face in my AL-only keeper league heading into 2014.

Deep League Debate: Elvis Andrus vs. Zack Cozart


You need to do our homework before drafting in 2014 or you could end up spending a lot more for a premium player whose stats just don't measure up to your investment.

SP Draft Strategy: Strikeouts per 100 Pitches


Ray discusses another way to evaluate starting pitchers when preparing for your 2014 fantasy drafts based on strikeouts per 100 pitches.

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