2012 2B Rankings

There's depth to be had here, more than shortstop. But I gotta say I don't like the number of question marks. Injuries could hurt half the top-10, and then youngsters like Ackley and Kipnis are still unproven.

2012 1B Rankings

It's time to take Pujols out of the top slot, even with the move to the AL. Also, there's a lot of risk-reward guys this year: Davis, Moreland, Lind, Dunn, Morales.

2012 Catcher Rankings

I'm not so worried about catching options, even with Victor Martinez out for the year. There's young talent, and young-ish veterans. Lots of worthy options in the top 10, but this page lists about 30 backstops.

Victor Martinez Likely to Miss the Season

Looks like those of you with Martinez as your catcher in keeper/dynasty leagues may need to find a replacement.

John Sickels on the Prospects in Jesus Montero/Michael Pineda Trade

Here are John's thoughts on Jose Campos, the newest Yankee pitching prospect: Campos works at 92-95 MPH. He already throws quality strikes and scouts love his fastball, but his curveball and changeup are works in progress. If his secondary stuff develops properly, he can be at least a mid-rotation starter and possibly much more than that. He's at least two years away, but was remarkably successful given his lack of experience last summer. I am giving him a Grade B in the 2012 Baseball Prospect Book. I suggest reading the comments section of John's article, as he hints that he may lower Montero's grade from an A. Some heated back and forth between John and a "scout" as well. Check it out. Check out the rest of John's thoughts over at Minor League Ball.

Position Depth for Fantasy Baseball

This article looks at the weakening left side of the infield, and it also points out the growing gap between the top players and the rest at both OF and SP.

FakeTeams' Mike Gallagher Covering Fantasy Hoops on BlogTalk Radio

Fantasy Basketball owners-If you aren't listening to Mike over on BlogTalk Radio, you should do so. I am not a fantasy hoops guy, but he provides valuable information pretty much on a nightly basis. Check him out. He talks injuries and boxscores, and all things fantasy hoops.

Baseball Nation on Padres Starter Cory Luebke

Jeff Sullivan from Baseball Nation wrote an interesting piece on Padres starter Cory Luebke today and it is worth your look. Robert ranked him as hi 31st best starter for 2012, and here is what he wrote: 31. Cory Luebke - SD Ray wrote about Luebke at the end of September and in the attached poll, 80% of Fake Teams readers said they believed his breakout in 2011 was for real. I'm a believer, but there are two reasons I'm slightly concerned: (1) the low number of innings pitched. Will he be on a limit? Can we believe in his numbers based on this sample size? (2) He basically has 2 pitches. There was some discussion in yesterday's thread about this regarding David Price, and while it's true that it doesn't matter how many pitches a pitcher has as long as they're effective, I'm worried that he'll be figured out, which sort of goes back to number one. Also, how does he cope if he's not feeling one of his pitches on a given day (or in a given season)? Look at Felix Hernandez - his fastball lost some velocity last year, but he's got 5 pitches, so he was able to adjust. Luebke will not have that fallback option. I wonder if the Padres traded Mat Latos with the though that they could build around Luebke instead of him. Check out the link above to see what Jeff had to say about Luebke.

Jake Marisnick: A Future Top 10 Prospect?

For those of you who asked in Monday's chat, I wrote up my take on Blue Jays outfield prospect Jake Marisnick over at Minor League Ball this morning. Check it out.


I have started my own personal blog, just funny stuff I write and pictures I make. Please check it out, and if you like it, share it, tweet it, facebook it, bookmark it, all of that stuff. Thanks to Ray letting me join FakeTeams as a writer in March of this year, it's been a very good 2011 for me. This is the next step in that and the more people that like what I create, the better it is to moving towards my goals and the better it is for FakeTeams. Thanks Ray and I hope everyone checks out and likes it, and if you do, share it! Thanks!

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