2014 Potential Fantasy Busts

2014 Potential Fantasy Busts:

When it comes to fantasy busts, they could spell the end to your season. Drafting a player high, and having him collapse is one of the biggest fears for any Fantasy Football player.

These players, in my opinion, have the highest potential to become a bust heading into the preseason, these players should be avoided unless they are a last option. Remember, these are very early projections, and injuries are always a possibility.

My first potential bust for the year, like the last two years, is Darren McFadden. This one is a no brainer for anyone who is a serious Fantasy Football player. McFadden is an explosive and talented back capable of running over any team... If he's healthy. McFadden has had serious medical ailments over the past couple years, keeping him out of multiple games every year. As injury prone as they come, McFadden should be avoided at all costs.

My next potential bust for the upcoming season is Chris Johnson, Running Back of the Jets. As a player fit, Johnson could not of found a better home in New York. But as a Fantasy fit, Johnson is a weekly nightmare for the upcoming season. Since he will be splitting carries with Chris Ivory and Bilal Powel, it is a nearly impossible to predict how many touches Johnson will receive each game.

Also, Greg Jennings of the Minnesota Vikings is the next potential bust for the Fantasy season. Coming off an inconsistent year, which featured three different starting quarterbacks, Jennings is projected to be a secondary option behind the rising Cordarrelle Patterson. This year should be more of the same for Jennings, inconsistent targets from inconsistent quarterbacks, even with the drafting of Teddy Bridgewater.

Staying with the Vikings, my next potential bust is quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Drafting him with the last pick of the first round, the Vikings added another quarterback to their revolving door. With Matt Cassel and Christian Ponder already in place, Bridgewater should have the upper hand on the starting job coming into camp. But even with the starting job, Bridgewater is more of a game manager, such as Alex Smith, who is not a reliable fantasy option. Also, the Vikings offense is a run heavy offense centered around Adrian Peterson, therefore Bridgewater would not see as many passing opportunities as various other quarterback options.

The next potential bust for the upcoming season is Darren Sproles, running back of the Eagles. In his first year with the Eagles, Sproles is expected to take a much less significant role in the offense as he had in the Saints offense last season. Coming off a year where he was a mainstay in fantasy football lineups, Sproles will be second on the depth chart to LeSean McCoy. Sproles is projected to drop in fantasy production from last years numbers, making him someone to avoid for the upcoming season.

My final potential bust is Dwayne Bowe, Wide Receiver of the Chiefs. Coming into every year, Bowe is always one of the most talked about receiver options. But he never fails to disappoint owners across the country. Bowe is coming off a very poor season under new head coach Andy Reid, and quarterback Alex Smith. With no changes in that respect, and no changes personnel-wise, Bowe is projected to suffer through the same type of season he experienced a year ago. With an offense centered around Jamaal Charles, Bowe will struggle to get into a rhythm, making him a fantasy player you will want to avoid.

Chris B. May 2014

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