NFL Draft Fantasy Winners

Bishop Sankey, Tennessee Titans

Bishop Sankey was the first running back taken in the 2014 Draft at 54th overall. Sankey was the luckiest running back in the 2014 draft going to the only team with a desperate need to fill the running back position. To make it even better the only guy Sankey has to compete with is Shonne Greene who is coming off right knee surgery. Even though Sankey is not the most talented running back, he should get tons of opportunities. The opportunities he should see this season makes him a very appealing fantasy player. In a standard twelve team league, I think Bishop Sankey should be drafted in the end of the fourth round or beginning of the fifth round. Sankey has the potential to be a solid number two running back this season.

Trent Richardson, Indianapolis Colts:

Going into the draft there were questions on whether the Colts would stick with Trent Richardson or draft another running back. Coming out of the draft Trent Richardson is smiling because it looks like the Colts, who gave up their first round pick for Richardson, are going to stick with him at least another year. The Colts also got rid of Donald Brown so the only competition for Richardson is Ahmad Bradshaw who is coming off surgery and has trouble staying healthy. In a standard 12 team league, Richardson is a low-end number two RB and a high-end number three RB. If you draft Trent Richardson though, there is always the upside that you will get the 2012 top 15 RB Trent Richardson.

Montee Ball, Denver Broncos:

Just like Trent Richardson there were questions marks going into the draft whether the broncos would draft a running back. Just like Richardson, Montee Ball is smiling coming out of the draft now being the clear number one guy in Denver. If Montee Ball can keep the ball in his hands and not fumble he has the potential to be a top 6-10 guy if not better. Peyton Manning makes every running back he plays with look great since a lot of the time they will face only six in the box. Just look at Knowshon Moreno who thanks to Peyton Manning ended up as the number five fantasy RB in 2013. I think Montee Ball in all leagues should be drafted at the end of round one beginning of round two. You should not be scared off by the unfamiliar name because Montee Ball is poised for a huge season.

Mathew Stafford, Detroit Lions:

With the tenth overall pick the Detroit Lions picked the number one tight end in this draft out of North Carolina, Eric Ebron. With that pick, Mathew Stafford now has one of the most deadly arsenals in the NFL. At the start of the season, Stafford will have Reggie Bush and Joique Bell coming out of the backfield. Stafford will also be looking to throw the ball to the most dominant force in football Calvin Johnson. Across from Calvin will be newly acquired receiver Golden Tate. Now you throw in the best tight end in the draft Eric Ebron, and it looks like the Loins have one of the most explosive offenses in football. Mathew Stafford also has a new quarterback coach, Jim Cooter, who was the quarterback coach for Denver last season. I expect Mathew Stafford to be a top 4 fantasy QB in 2014, and to get the most out of the weapons he has around him.

Josh McCown and Vincent Jackson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

With the seventh overall pick in the NFL Draft, the Buccaneers selected the 6’5’’ Texas A&M standout receiver, Mike Evans. Just like last year, Josh McCown has to big physical receivers but instead of it being Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey now its Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans. Last year, Jackson had no one across from him to attract away some of the defense. Now that Evans is across from him, Jackson will be a solid number one receiver. Josh McCown will now also be serviceable in deep leagues or two QB leagues now that he has two huge targets to throw the ball to.

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