DFS: DraftKings Top Plays For Monday May 12th.

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The daily fantasy grind never stops. Here are our recommended plays for Monday's DraftKings lineups.

Another weekend has passed, another Yu Darvish no hitter blown.  Welcome back folks, I won't lie - I had a pretty bad weekend DFS wise, and glad I didn't post any plays.  In my defense I broke my rule of not checking lineups, and had three players not active, oh well.

New week, new money - tonight I put together a pretty interesting lineup, I paid for pitching and catching which is unlike me, but I think they are the right moves given our limited budget.  Back to our scheduled program.

All players' prices based on DraftKings values

SP 1 - Felix Hernandez, Seattle Mariners, $11,200 - Hernandez has great numbers against the Rays in his career - He has 2-1 record, 1.41 ERA and 41 strikeouts in 32 innings.  Hernandez is also looking to bounce back on three subpar outings in a row, so this is a good spot for him, even though he is the most expensive pitcher on the board.

SP 2 - Hiroki Kuroda, New York Yankees, $8,400 - Kuroda has had some bad luck so far this year, and he will look to change that against the New York Mets tonight.  I think Kuroda has a lot of potential tonight since the Mets love to strikeout, and Colon struggles against Yankees hitters.

C - Yadier Molina, St. Louis Cardinals, $4,500 - Molina broke out of his recent slump last night, luckily for him tonight he gets a pitcher he absolutely mashes off of - Travis Wood.  Molina has a .400 average with three homers, and 11 RBIs in 40 at bats against Wood - normally I wouldn't pay this much for a catcher but tonight it's a given.

1B - Chris Davis, Baltimore Orioles, $4,100 - Davis just returned from the DL, and he started off quite slow for Davis standards, so I expect him to be more effective now.  The price point for Davis tonight is not of an elite first basemen, but Davis has elite numbers off of Rick Porcello - .333 average, with 3 homers, and 7 RBIs.

2B - Emilio Bonifacio, Chicago Cubs, $3,500 - Honestly I put him in the lineup because this is the best 2B I could get with the money I had left - I am not going to BS you.  Bonifacio has cooled off considerably, so lets hope our semi-punt play pans out for us.

3B - Josh Donaldson, Oakland Athletics, $4,100 - I originally had a lot more Oakland hitters in my lineup, but realized I am not creating a tourney lineup for me, but an article where I can expose the best values at each position.  Donaldson is set to face off against John Danks tonight - enough said.

SS - Jed Lowrie, Oakland Athletics, $3,500 - Pretty much same reason as Donaldson, I will be looking to stack right-handed Oakland hitters against Danks tonight in tourney play.

OF 1 - Christian Yelich, $3,700 - It's pretty crazy how bad the Marlins are outside of South Florida. It must be the water - actually its definitely not the water. I lived in Miami for six years and used water bottles to brush my teeth.  Yelich has hit well off of Dan Haren in the small sample size I have of him, but he leads off in a lineup that can go off on any given night.

OF 2 - Jason Heyward, Atlanta Braves, $3,700 - I am pretty sure Heyward's price is going to go up this week. I got a feeling he's about to have a great offensive week.  Tonight he gets Tim Lincecum who he's enjoyed good results off of in the past.

OF 3 - Ichiro Suziki, New York Yankees, $3,100 - How did Old Man Ichiro get in our lineup? It's quite simple - he destroys Bartolo Colon.  With a .300 average, three home runs and 9 RBIs in 87 at bats.  We spent a lot of money on our pitching but this play makes a lot of sense to me - assuming Ichiro plays.

As always be sure to check the weather in the city your players are playing in. Don't forget to check lineups either, nothing worse than having a rostered player on your squad that isn't in the lineup.

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