Fantasy Baseball Struggles? Help is On the Way

The somewhat surprising promotion of George Springer by the Astros has everyone scrambling looking for the next potential call-up. It was kind of a shock as most people believed that the low budget, frugal spending Astros would not let Springer get the dreaded Super 2 status. However, the Astros are so far on pace for another 100 loss season and horrific TV ratings so a Springer call-up could provide that "Puig Spark". Not that the Astros will make the playoffs but energizing the team and fan base is needed.

So maybe your fantasy team isn’t off to the best start or you’ve been besieged with injuries or horrific starts and you are looking for some help. If you are in a 12 team or deeper league, and the likes of Mike Moustakas and Nick Markakis don’t excite you, it may be worth a look to stash a couple prospects on your bench. There are plenty of exciting names we’ve all read about, but who does it make sense to pick up if you need help sooner rather than later? Here are three names to consider for a mid season (or sooner) lift.

Gregory Polanco

Polanco is absolutely tearing up AAA pitching so far this spring. He’s batting over .400 with 2 HR and 13 RBI’s. However the biggest statistic that I have seen was that out of approximately 170 pitches he’s seen this spring, he’s only swung and missed at 6 of them. That’s a pretty nice contact rate.

Polanco is a five tool prospect that right now has a bit more speed than power but the power will come. In 2013 he hit 12 HR, drove in 71, and stole 38 bases. He is also an excellent center fielder.

Gregory Polanco is a must stash on your bench if you are in need of an upgrade. There is a small chance he comes up soon because of an injury or the Pirates need a spark, but most likely he will be up in June so the arbitration clock doesn’t start ticking on him. The Pirates had a magical run last year however did nothing in the off season to upgrade their team. In order to keep up with the Cardinals in the N.L. Central the Pirates will have to make a move and Polanco will be that move.

Get Polanco now and he will contribute in all five categories for you in fantasy for the rest of the year.

Archie Bradley

Quite honestly Archie Bradley is big league ready right now. It is borderline insane as to why the Diamondbacks don’t have him in the rotation already. Other than service time and maybe keeping a limit on his innings this year, there is no reason why he shouldn’t be taking the ball for the Diamondbacks every five days because frankly the Diamondbacks rotation is terrible.

During the 2013 minor league campaign, Bradley went 14-5 with a 1.84 ERA and struck out 162 batters. Bradley has a mid 90’s fastball and the build of a power pitcher.

I would recommend stashing Bradley right now as he could be called up at any minute. If the Diamondbacks don’t do something quick they will be in for a very long season. Bradley’s fantasy impact will be felt by the fact that he will likely be a K per inning guy for you and have a reasonable WHIP. Playing for a bad team may limit his wins potential but if you’re in a league that counts quality starts that’s even better.

Oscar Tavares

Most people consider Tavares the top hitting prospect in all of baseball. He had a lost season last year with an ankle injury when most people thought he would impact the Cardinals last year. He was slow coming back this spring and didn’t head north with the big club. While not off on a tear this spring so far, he is starting to heat up.

You might think I’m crazy but the Cardinals don’t quite look the same as last year. Allen Craig is off to a slow start and I’m one of those who thinks his foot is not fully healed. The Cardinals bench lacks any power threat whatsoever and I think as long as Tavares is progressing he may be called up sooner rather than later.

Tavares fantasy impact will be immediate. He is major league ready and looks to be a .300 plus hitter that will hit 20 HR and drive in 100. He seems to have fallen out of favor and could still be available on the waiver wire. Grab him while you can.

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