NFL Free Agents and Fantasy: Who can help you.

NFL Free Agency is generally the most overhyped portion of the NFL calendar. The guys that are allowed to leave teams are let go for a very good reason. And with Draft and Develop being the prevalent team building theory, it's unlikely to find skill position guys that can be available freely out there. That doesn't mean there isn't some fantasy impact out there. Let's take a look at some guys at the fantasy positions that are likely to help your team this upcoming year:

Quarterbacks- Rarely is there a top 12 guy that's let to hit the market. This being the most important position, the guys you draft are usually locked up or on rookie contracts. But that doesn't mean there isn't some impact to be had.

Ryan Fitzpatrick- Houston's QB situation was a mess last year. Super Bowl expectations turned into the 1st overall pick in a hurry. They brought in Fitzpatrick to be at best a placeholder and at worst a backup for whoever they take in the draft. And they will be drafting a QB. However, with the doubts cropping up about the upper tier draftable QBs, it's likely they'll wait until 33 to take their guy. This means Fitzpatrick gets an opportunity to throw the ball to Andre Johnson and a hopefully healthy Arian Foster for at least a month. In a deep league, this could bode well for those that miss out on the 1st and 2nd tier guys.

Brandon Weeden- Hear me out here. Tony Romo is 34 years old. He's coming off his 2nd back surgery in 3 years. This does not bode well. Weeden was brought in to be his backup in lieu for Kyle Orton coming back. The Cowboys have more and better targets than Cleveland, and if he gets a shot (read: Romo gets hurt again), he could show why the Browns drafted him in the 1st, other than being the Browns and horrible at most things.

Running Backs: This position is dominated by youth and cheap guys. It generally doesn't pay to go on the market and bring one in as they are as disposable as my kid's diapers. But there are some guys moving to situations that would make them draftable.

Knowshon Moreno- Denver let him go because they think Montee Ball is something, so good luck with that. Knowshon is going in as the presumed starter. He was the top fantasy back for a time, and has just the failed experiments of Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller to beat out. It's a good shot he'll do so.

Jonathan Dwyer- The emergence of Le'Veon Bell made him expendable, but he's moving to a situation where he has a good shot to make an impact. Arizona lost Mendenhall to retirement and has Andre Ellington taking snaps now. Ellington couldn't win the job outright and thus gives Dwyer a shot. And frankly, all you really need to be draftable is to be in the conversation, and Dwyer is definitely that.

Wide Receivers: The most hyped position in the league. If you want to see free agent busts, here's your area. BUT, there are the Vincent Jacksons and Pierre Garcons that can help you out there. Let's see who'll help this year.

Golden Tate- I'm never high on Stafford as a guy who I want leading my team, but he puts up phenomenal fantasy numbers. Tate rarely drops passes. This seems like a good bet for a PPR guy to take advantage of as a compliment to Megatron on the field, and competing for flex plays on your laptop.

Kenny Britt- This guy has been considered a knucklehead for years, but he's back with his original coach in Fisher. Bradford needs to be able to throw the ball to someone before he gets knocked out for the season, and Britt could put up some decent fantasy numbers in the first 6 games (I'm assuming Bradford gets hurt week 7).

Tight Ends: These guys are always a crap shoot, but there is one guy who changed teams you should keep your eye on.

Jim Dyer- Norv Turner LOVES tight ends. Just look what Jordan Cameron did last year. So Dyer comes over from Arizona coming off a 24 catch season. You could see a potential 40 catch guy who can be had for a song on the waiver wire.

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