Fake Teams Game of the Week Preview: Baltimore Orioles @ Boston Red Sox

Patrick Smith

Baltimore visits Boston in our Game of the Week. We've got your fantasy preview here.

Fake Teams Game of the Week rolls on this week with another appearance from the Boston Red Sox, as they play host to fellow basement dweller Baltimore. Don't forget to vote in our poll.

The Home Team: Boston Red Sox

SB Nation blog: Over the Monster

Recently: This weekend's Yankees series had all the drama you might expect from such a rivalry, highlighted by accusations of ball doctoring on Thursday and a botched replay on Saturday. The Red Sox dropped 3 of 4, but they had some unlucky breaks. They're skidding, and one would expect them to pull out of it, but there are worries about Dustin Pedroia's injured wrist, which was reported to not be fractured today.

Fun with fantasy: Mike Napoli hit his third home run Sunday night in Boston's loss to New York. The backstop turned first baseman is off to a torrid start, hitting .300/.386/.520. More importantly, he's playing everyday. This is his first year without catcher eligibility, so his draft stock was down, but his production is certainly corner infield quality. This start won't last forever - numbers that good rarely do - but this is a promising start for somebody who was supposed to be done two years ago.

The Visitors: Baltimore Orioles

SB Nation blog: Camden Chat

Recently: The Os followed up their series win over the Yankees by losing two out of three to the Blue Jays to fall to 5-7 on the season, just 1/2 game ahead of Boston. Ubaldo Jimenez continued his early-season poor form on Sunday with a 5.1 IP, 10 H, 5 ER, 2 BB, 3 K performance, and home runs from Chris Davis and Matt Wieters weren't enough to close the gap. The narrative early in the season is the lineup's impatience, as Baltimore has drawn just 24 walks in 12 games.

Fun with fantasy: Chris Davis has followed up his 53 home run 2013 with a relatively slow start, hitting his first on Sunday. The strikeouts are down, which is encouraging, but he's swinging and missing more. As a first round pick this spring, owners will need him to pick up the pace.

The Ballpark

Contrary to popular belief, Fenway Park suppresses home runs, but the reputation likely persists because it is overall a very good run environment. The Green Monster can change doubles into singles, but the funky corner in deep center field is a Bermuda Triangle for baseballs.

This Week

Baltimore hosts Tampa Bay for three games and get a day off Thursday before traveling to Boston. The Red Sox have today off, then go to Chicago for a three-game set with the White Sox.

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