Need Keeper Advice

My keeper league, first league I've ever been in for baseball, and we're in our 3rd year.

Keeper rules: If a player was drafted, they cost picks thusly:
Drafted 1st-6th: Costs the same pick to keep
Drafted 7th-9th: +1 round (a round 7 pick becomes a round 6)
Drafted 10th-15th: +2 rounds
Drafted 16th+: +3 rounds

Free Agent pickups cost whatever their ADP is, which is set the day before/of the start of the draft (we do a draft by post that takes about a month, so we usually start toward the end of February).

I finished 6th in the regular season, so I draft 7th each round. We each get up to 9 keepers. Its a H2H league with category wins rather than points. The categories are R, RBI, HR, SB, OBP, SLG for hitters and IP, W, K, ERA, WHIP, NSVH. There are 10 batter slots (each individual position + 2 util) and 8 pitcher slots (5 SP + 3 RP) and 6 bench slots (+ a DL slot)

I recently traded Michael Wacha and Everth Cabrera for Jacoby Ellsbury and Doug Fister (which means I MUST keep those 2). I need help with my other 7 keepers, possibly less if the other trade I've proposed goes through. But lets assume that's the last trade, pick 7 of these guys to keep:

Justin Upton rd 1

Ian Kinsler rd 2

Adrian Beltre rd 4 (midseason trade)

Allen Craig rd 4

Jimmy Rollins rd 5

Jake Peavy rd 6

Anthony Rizzo rd 7 (midseason trade)

Wilin Rosario rd 7

Alex Gordon rd 8

Matt Carpenter rd 14

Hunter Pence rd 9

Chris Sale rd 12

FA Pickups

Rafael Soriano

Matt Adams

Nick Castellanos

Nick Franklin

Nate McLouth

Mark Teixeira

Ubaldo Jimenez

Ricky Nolasco

Fernando Rodney

Dan Straily

Jameson Taillon

Pence, Beltre, Carpenter, & Sale feel like no brainers, so I guess really I just need help picking the last 3.

Also, sorry if this is against any rules, my first time posting here. Thanks for your help!

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