2014 Fantasy Second Base Rankings

From part 1 on Catchers:

The problem I have with most ranking listings is they are based on gut reactions to players and their likelihood to succeed. That’s fine to get a ballpark I suppose, but why don’t we use projections to calculate a player’s value to our team? Many websites take the time to make up these projections and then proceed to rank the players in an order that doesn’t match. I understand some players have more "upside", but that should be considered in the projection. If we are making a call that a player should be taken before another, why aren’t we making a call on their stats for the year?

I'd also like to mention, as it was brought up in the comments, multi-positional players will see their value change in the charts. In fact all players will see their value change as we adjust projections. For example, if a certain stat becomes more readily available a player with better stats in that category will see their value drop - and vice versa if the stat becomes less available. I will go through and update all of the charts once I am finished and then compile them into a single list. Thanks for the feedback thus far.

Part 1: Catchers | Part 2: First Base | Part 3: Second Base | Part 4: Third Base

Player R HR RBI SB AVG Value
Robinson Cano, Sea 94 29 102 5 0.312 +4.79
Jason Kipnis, Cle 88 21 86 29 0.272 +2.34
Dustin Pedroia, Bos 92 16 78 20 0.295 +1.21
Matt Carpenter, StL 104 12 79 4 0.295 +1.21
Aaron Hill, Ari 78 24 78 10 0.286 +0.57
Ian Kinsler, Det 92 15 75 18 0.271 +0.24
Ben Zobrist, TB 89 15 78 14 0.274 +0.05
Brandon Phillips, Cin 82 18 89 8 0.275 +0.01
Daniel Murphy, NYM 81 9 68 18 0.289 -0.71
Chase Utley, Phi 76 16 68 12 0.281 -1.22
Martin Prado, Ari 76 12 72 6 0.290 -1.51
Jed Lowrie, Oak 81 17 71 2 0.274 -1.79
Jose Altuve, Hou 69 5 46 32 0.286 -2.34
Jedd Gyorko, SD 69 24 69 2 0.267 -2.39
Jurickson Profar, Tex 68 13 64 16 0.268 -2.81
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