2014 Fantasy Catcher Rankings

The problem I have with most ranking listings is they are based on gut reactions to players and their likelihood to succeed. That’s fine to get a ballpark I suppose, but why don’t we use projections to calculate a player’s value to our team? Many websites take the time to make up these projections and then proceed to rank the players in an order that doesn’t match. I understand some players have more "upside", but that should be considered in the projection. If we are making a call that a player should be taken before another, why aren’t we making a call on their stats for the year?

Therefore I have taken my stab at projecting the players throughout the league and then using some pretty simple math to calculate the value of their statistical totals to a fantasy team. Big picture if my league wide projections contain less home runs a player with a higher total will have a higher value. Repeat this for all of the categories (5x5), add together, and sort to produce your rankings.

The following are ranks for Catchers. I plan to repeat this for all positions and then compile a complete list (top 200 or whatever it works out to be). I welcome feedback on any player, but please justify it. Saying player A is ranked too low, but you agree with the projection doesn’t make sense in this system. Tell me their average is too low because they got unlucky in 2013, or they’ll hit more homeruns because they were dealing with an injury. I have a day job so I can’t keep up with every player and their situation. I read a lot and do my best, but your feedback will go a long way to "perfecting" these rankings.

Part 1: Catchers | Part 2: First Base | Part 3: Second Base | Part 4: Third Base

Player R HR RBI SB AVG Value
Joe Mauer, Min 82 11 81 4 0.314 +0.32
Buster Posey, SF 71 19 85 2 0.301 -0.23
Yadier Molina, StL 64 14 74 5 0.308 -1.34
Carlos Santana, Cle 78 22 79 3 0.259 -1.79
Wilin Rosario, Col 65 25 74 3 0.274 -1.93
Jonathan Lucroy, Mil 61 16 79 5 0.281 -2.49
Miguel Montero, Ari 63 21 76 0 0.274 -2.71
Salvador Perez, KC 54 13 76 1 0.299 -2.95
Matt Wieters, Bal 65 22 75 1 0.255 -3.41
Wilson Ramos, Wsh 54 18 74 0 0.272 -3.99
Brian McCann, NYY 54 22 75 0 0.255 -4.36
A.J. Pierzynski, Bos 52 17 65 0 0.278 -4.43
Jason Castro, Hou 60 18 55 2 0.268 -4.59
Devin Mesoraco, Cin 51 14 59 2 0.259 -6.03
Evan Gattis, Atl 44 18 63 0 0.248 -6.64
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