Fake Teams Podcast Episode 45: It's not goodbye

Karen Luciano - SwB RailRiders

A brand new and very special edition of the official Fake Teams podcast featuring a bunch of reader questions.

Despite my insistence on doing so for so long, I won't bury the lede here -- this post and corresponding podcast will be last at Fake Teams, at least for the foreseeable future. That does not mean that the show is going away. Rather, it means that Zack and the rest of the crew here are going to take some time to figure out the best format for the podcast going forward, and more than likely you'll end up with a product that is even better than the current version.

As for my reason for leaving, well we get into on the show, and I'll just say it's an opportunity that was just far too good for me to pass up. While I have never considered myself much of a writer, it's still bittersweet leaving Fake Teams (and Beyond the Box Score for those of you that couldn't get enough of me here) because I really enjoyed working with everyone at the site and the interactions with the great community that we have.

This post is about Episode 45 and not about me (plus we talk about my departure on the show) so I'll make this super brief, but I do want to thank Ray Guilfoyle for giving me a platform to write and podcast about fantasy baseball as well as Jason Hunt for everything on the prospect side of things. Those two guys are two of the best fantasy writers in the industry and they're even better people to work with. There are a few more thanks yous below, but to wrap this up I just want to thank everyone that ever took the time to read something I wrote or listen to one of our podcasts. You guys have been great, and the fact that Zack and I were able to record 45 (okay, 44) shows that people listened to is something I'm truly proud of. Now, on to the show!

On this episode we discuss

  • Shin-Soo Choo's relocation to Texas
  • The scarcity of quality speed players in the big leagues
  • Draft strategies for different league types
  • George Springer and Kris Bryant
  • Brandon Moss, the best in all the land?
  • And much, much more!


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The official band of the podcast, 20 Minute Tango, is back again so please check out more of their music, here. And a big thank you to Nate Miller and the rest of the band for lending us their music for all of these shows.

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I also want to thank all of our hosts and guests throughout the show's run -- Ray Guilfoyle, Jason Hunt, Brian Creagh, Daniel Kelley, Daniel Schwartz, and Craig Goldstein.

And lastly, but certainly not least, thanks to Zack Smith for spending hours upon hours recording a show with me. He's a great fantasy analyst and one of my closest friends. Without a doubt we'll still talk all the time, this just means the mic (probably) won't be on when we do so.

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