Fantasy Championship Crisis

I was in two championship games this year. I was sitting pretty in one, but in the other I was facing defeat. I was the #2 seed facing the #1 seed. The two best teams in the league going at it head to head, it was bound to be a nail biter. We only faced each other once during the regular season and he beat me 10-6-4. I kept it close in most categories, though. I lost in the hits category by 3, lost in both holds and saves by 2, and we obviously tied in 4 categories so it was a pretty close match up.

I did not hold a lead throughout the championship game up until yesterday. However, I knew the lead would not last long. I held a short lead due to wins from pitching. I was up 5-4 in wins but he still had Sonny Gray waiting to get that W so I knew we would end up tying that category. Carlos Gomez had previously given me the brief lead thanks to his Stolen Base, giving me the permanent lead in the SB category 5-4. I thought that would be enough. I thought that I fought hard and made a great comeback to steal victory from the clutches of defeat.

Previously, in round one of the playoffs my match-up ended in a tie, 9-9-2. I was the higher seed and had "home field", however, our settings state the tie breaker in regular season match-ups is the stat runs scored. I had 36 Rs to his 26, so I figured that was the reason I ended up winning the tie breaker. The settings do not state anything regarding what the tie breaker is during playoffs so one must assume that it is the same as the regular season.

After all the games were over last night and Sonny Gray got his W, we were dead locked. The two best teams during the regular season, meeting in the finals, ended their match-up in a tie. 9-9-2.

I checked the runs scored stat and to my satisfaction I had 22 runs, he had 21.

I thought that was it. I thought that I had done it. All the moves I made early in the season had paid off. I spent my entire budget allocated to us to pick up players off the wire only a couple months into the season. I was told it would come back to bite me but I thought I did the right thing. Guys like Nolan Arenado, Tony Cingrani, Eric Hosmer, Michael Wacha, Edward Mujica, J.P. Arencibia, Kelvin Herrera, and Colby Rasmus all pitched in and produced for me and helped me get to the finals. Trading David Wright for Dustin Pedroia once Chase Utley went down with his injury earlier in the season seemed like genius. Trading away Josh Donaldson for Carlos Gomez to upgrade my OF was looking like it would be the move that won me the league. Everything I did up to this point made sense. It was all for this. And I thought I did it.

And then I woke up....




(there was supposed to be a screen shot here but it would not show up when I published it)

That's not my team. How did this happen? I posted a message asking how it's possible that I lost when I had the tie breaker won. My opponent is the only one to respond so far and he said, and I quote:

I'm not understanding this myself

Oh, splendid! We're both dazed and confused, recovering from the battle we just endured and just when you think you are regaining consciousness, BOOM - uppercut to the chin - TKO.

I don't see stars. All I see is numbers....


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