Ryan Zimmerman: Mr. September

Ryan Zimmerman can carry your team in the playoffs. During the regular season? He'll be often injured and when he's not injured he won't wow you, he'll fall into a slump like every other player and pick himself back up, and kind of just hover around mediocrity.

Ryan Zimmerman in September. Well, that's a totally different Ryan Zimmerman. If you're one of the lucky teams that has made it to the playoffs and have been able to endure the ups and downs of Ryan Zimmerman, then you have a great chance in advancing quite far. I, for one, have Zimmerman in two leagues and it just so happens these are the only two leagues that I have made the playoffs in. In one of the leagues I am in the middle of the championship game (currently tied 4-4-2) and in the other league, I am in the semifinals (currently losing 12-1-7).

Zimmerman has been on fire this September. So far this month he has managed to tally:

22 Hits

10 HRs

13 RBI's

19 Runs

1 SB

.301 AVG

1.102 OPS.

Zimmerman has a total of 25 HRs on the SEASON. He has 40% of his HR tally in the month of September alone! When I said Zimmerman can carry your team in the playoffs, I was not kidding. He literally carried my team to the semifinals. My match-up was so close in the first round, the difference in me winning and losing came down to ONE HOME RUN. Ryan Zimmerman smacked 4 HR's the week of my match up and I ended up winning the HR category 7-6. Zimmerman was responsible for 57% of my teams HRs that week and I needed every single one of them.

Let's put this month's production in perspective. In June, July and August, Ryan only hit 3 home runs in each of those months. In one month, Ryan Zimmerman crushed more long balls than he did in three consecutive months combined! This isn't a new trend either for Mr. Zimmerman. I went back to last year and took a peak at his September numbers and found that he had a pretty darn good month last year as well. September 2012, Zimmerman produced:

31 Hits

7 HR's

25 RBI's

16 Runs

0 SB

.290 AVG

.897 OPS

His glaring blemish is his BB/K ratio. So far in September 2013, Zimmerman has whiffed 17 times while only drawing a walk 7 times. September 2012, Zimmerman struck out 28 times and managed to walk only 8 times. Obviously Zimm needs to work on his patience in September and really in every other month as well. September has been Zimmerman's highest HR month but is it a coincidence that September is also the month Zimmerman strikes out the most? With ten games remaining in September and in the regular season, Zimmerman could quite possibly hit 50% of his total HR's on the season IN ONE FREAKING MONTH.

So what does this mean for fantasy owners who are wondering whether or not to target Mr. September in upcoming drafts?

Don't draft him. Wait until July or August and try trading for him then. Reap the benefits and count the championship rings as they come. You're welcome.

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