EPL Week 3 - Goalkeepers and Defenders

Clive Brunskill

Taking a look at the goalkeepers and defenders who will make an impact in Week 3.

A couple of big matches to look forward to this weekend as Liverpool hosts Manchester United on Saturday and the battle for the north side of London continues on Sunday as Spurs travel to Emirates to take on Arsenal.  In my opinion, these are the two best rivalries in the EPL.  Do you disagree?  Let me know.

As far as fantasy, let's take a look at a few goalkeepers and defenders who will make an impact this weekend:


  • Tim Krul (Newcastle) - As much as it pains me to say, Fulham has shown absolutely no signs of an attacking offense so far this season. Krul has allowed 4 goals already this season, but Fulham has no spark and struggle mightily away from home. Krul could be a good choice for keeper this week, especially with Chelsea being off. (VERDICT: PLAY)
  • Allan McGregor (Hull City) - At Etihad against powerful Man City? I would keep the Scotsman on the bench. (VERDICT: BENCH)


  • Pablo Zabaleta (Manchester City) - The Argentinian has an assist already this year and is part of the defense unit for City that wants to make up for their performance in the loss against Cardiff last week. Facing a pretty punch-less Hull, look for Zabaleta to help City control the tempo and possession. (VERDICT: PLAY)
  • Phil Jones (Manchester United) - Has anyone improved more the last few years than Phil Jones? He played great in Monday's draw against Chelsea and I don't see his play coming down. (VERDICT: PLAY)
  • Any Cardiff City Defender - Battling the likes of Marouane Fellaini and Steven Pienaar this week will be a challenge for the Bluebirds. (VERDICT: BENCH)
  • Leighton Baines (Everton) - Will talk of a move to Manchester United to play under his old boss David Moyes make Baines play better or will it distract him? I am going with the latter. (VERDICT: BENCH)
  • Aaron Hughes (Fulham) - Full disclosure: I am a big fan of Aaron Hughes so take this with a grain of salt. Hughes is the rock of the Fulham defense along with Brede Hangeland. Newcastle will have a tough time scoring against Fulham this weekend and Hughes is always good for playing all 90 minutes. (VERDICT: PLAY)
  • Daniel Agger (Liverpool) - The Dane is going to have his hands full with van Persie, Welbeck and the rest of the relentless attacking Manchester United squad. I expect no less than two games by United in this match. (VERDICT: BENCH)

Have any questions on players I did not mention?  Tweet (@brianjstultz) or email me.


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