Fantasy Baseball injury update -- Everyone is hurt!

Jennifer Stewart

Seriously, so many guys got injured last week. Not cool, baseball. Not cool.

All right, baseball. That was some nonsense.

A week after the main point of my injury piece was "Injuries suck, but at least there weren't a whole lot of them," baseball decided to go out and hurt approximately 137% of its players, and some of them in a big way. Friggin' ridiculous, that.

I'm going to start with Scott Sizemore, not because it is the most fantasy-significant injury, but because I started with Brian Roberts last week, so "worst-luck-in-the-world second baseman" appears to be my domain. Sizemore tore his ACL for the second time in two years Thursday, which sucks a lot. Eric Sogard has gotten the second base time since the injury, but most of me thinks Jemile Weeks will get called back up and get one more shot in the bigs. He's a wild card, but if he does get called up, he's worth a flyer in deep leagues, on the off chance 2012, and not 2011, was the aberration.

This injury thing, though, is a crappy trend. If I hear something about Freddy Sanchez and, I don't know, a car accident or something this week, I will not be pleased.

And, of course, there were so freakin' many injuries that were so freakin' more significant over the past week.

Jose Reyes sprained his ankle pretty badly sliding into second base on Friday. This isn't really relevant, but did you guys see the slide that caused his injury? Like, Reyes has slid a bunch of times in his career, and that is the best he could do? C'mon, Jose.

In response to the injury, the Blue Jays have decided to let Brett Lawrie spend his rehab getting time in at second base in preparation for his imminent return, with Jose Bautista playing third. That means that Maicer Izturis will play shortstop, with Emilio Bonifacio and/or Rajai Davis taking right field. It's helpful for Bonifacio/Davis owners - as they'll get more playing time - but the greater impact is that the whole lot of them - Bautista, Lawrie, Izturis, Bonifacio - are going to have extra positional eligibility. Imagine being able to slide Bautista to third base, Lawrie to second, and start someone like Brett Gardner in the outfield instead of Dustin Ackley or something at second.

In "injuries that have been covered to death" news, yeah, Zack Greinke is out for eight or so weeks after breaking his collarbone in that Carlos Quentin fight. Like Jered Weaver before him, a pitcher being out a couple months stinks in the short term, but both of these guys suffered injuries to their non-throwing sides, so (theoretically at least), there's no reason to think they will be less than themselves upon their returns. As much as we worry about pitchers' inning and pitch counts, keeping theirs low might actually be a boon in the late season, if you can survive the interim.

The Cubs put Kyuji Fujikawa on the DL Saturday, with a right forearm strain. Conventional wisdom says that Carlos Marmol might get the first crack at earning his closer job back, but I wonder if Shawn Camp, James Russell, or Michael Bowden (who I still think is the best pitcher in that bullpen) actually sneaks into the role.

Matt Harrison was placed on the DL as well, with a lower back strain. With news coming out yesterday that his back hasn't responded "as hoped," Harrison got a second injection, and speculation now is he'll be out longer than his minimum 15 days. There's not much to do in fantasy right now - Justin Grimm, Harrison's replacement, isn't likely to be super valuable, and even if Harrison misses extended time, Martin Perez and/or Colby Lewis are due back in May.

Yoenis Cespedes also went on the DL with a left hand strain . This means Chris Young will finally get his playing time and, if you can withstand the batting average hit, he'll be a cheap source of power until Cespedes returns.

Cespedes' slide, you'll notice, is just as awkward as Reyes'. What the hell, guys? You're supposed to be good at this.

Johnny Cueto is expected to be placed on the DL sometime today (Monday) with a lat strain. That's generally not a 15-day injury, and a month sounds more likely. In the meantime, it's looking like wunderkind Tony Cingrani is going to fill his rotation slot. Cingrani has been nigh-on ridiculous in the minors so far, so he ought to get at least a speculative add in every league, on the off chance he does the same stuff in the bigs.

I mentioned Lawrie's impending return earlier; Chase Headley has started his own rehab assignment as well, and could return sometime this week. That will likely push Jedd Gyorko back to second base, and Alexi Amarista out of the lineup, though if your fantasy team has been relying on Amarista, you've got bigger problems than I can help you fix.

My pet catcher for this season, Wilson Ramos, hit the DL Sunday with a left hamstring strain. It means Kurt Suzuki will get full-time innings while he's out, though it's hard to imagine Ramos misses much more than the minimum time, so all this means is, what, 10 or so extra starts for Suzuki? No huge impact.

There are a boatload of dudes who are day-to-day right now. Giancarlo Stanton, Mike Morse, Carlos Santana, Jason Kipnis, Michael Bourn, Aaron Hill... it doesn't look like any of them is DL-bound, but they've all missed (or will miss) some time. Be cautious with weekly lineups.

The most fascinating (to me) injury scenario right now is Ted Lilly. He's just about ready to return from injury, but the Dodgers - having put Chris Capuano in Greinke's vacated rotation slot - don't have a place for him, and Lilly has refused a minor-league assignment. This means, probably, that Lilly isn't long for the Dodger organization. My guess is they'll look to move him (eating a lot of his salary in the meantime) in exchange for someone's spare left-side-of-the-infielder, should anyone have one of those. Keep an eye on where Lilly ends up, though. If he can find his way into the right situation, he might have value in deeper leagues.

Finally, I've been battling a heck of a cold the last couple days (I sneezed twice writing this sentence), but I think I'm likely to play through it. Keep me in all your lineups. I'll be productive.

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