Fantasy Baseball 2013 AL- Only Rankings: Third Base

J. Meric

So we wrap up our infield by ranking the third sackers for AL - only leagues. It doesn't appear on the surface to be as deep as the NL, but I have been wrong once or twice. After the top 4 options it seems to really thin out and turn into a gamble, a pray for playing time and a youth movement. So take a look at how I view the AL third baseman for the upcoming fantasy campaign.

  1. Miguel Cabrera - Yea they make crowns for baseball. Top overall fantasy pick for me.
  2. Adrian Beltre - He carried many a fantasy team down the stretch last year by going all donkey kong and slugging over .700. No Hamilton may hurt a little but I don't expect it to.
  3. Evan Longoria - Hamstrings be damned. Frustrating that he keeps getting dinged up. Is a fantasy monster when he stays on the pitch.
  4. Brett Lawrie - Hype is there and his WAR aided defense makes him look like a shiny new toy but at the price of purchased with a coupon
  5. Mike Moustaksas - I think he is about ready to pop, in a good way. I can't say why...maybe it's woman's intuition
  6. Will Middlebrooks - I see the potential but I don't completely buy it. With all the "pub" he is getting if he goes all Pedro Alvarez and disappears in his sophomore season would anyone be surprised.
  7. Kyle Seager - I like that he has 2B eligibility, if i was needing a 2B option and he was there I would definitely use that too my advantage.
  8. Mark Reynolds - Here for homers and that's all, because his average sucks and you need to pair him with two .280 plus hitters for him even to make sense
  9. Manny Machado - Only ranked so low because I think next year is the year we see him blow this mutha out. Legit as legit can be.
  10. Jed Lowrie - Comes over from Houston via trade, I see Nakajima and him splitting time at SS and Lowrie getting a fair share of AB's at 3rd.
  11. Kevin Youkilis - No Arod, aging line-up. He isn't a spring chicken either but if he can stay healthy and give you 600 PA's look out.
  12. Jeff Keppinger - Still a sleeper of mine from the 2B rankings. No real competition, besides a possible resurgent Brent Morel. Can play all over the diamond if need be.
  13. Josh Donaldson - Trade of Lowrie hurts his sleeper appeal. Still like him for mid teen HR's and and some decent counting stats.
  14. Trevor Plouffe - Sneaky power late in the draft is always a good thing. Twins are in tweener mode, can't really win but aren't completely throwing in the towel.
  15. Lonnie Chisenhall - I don't see much competition for 3B in Cleveland so I guess he will have the keys. Could be a sneaky play if you miss on the top of the second wave.
  16. Alberto Callaspo - In that line-up he could sneak out some mixed league appeal as a plug and play option when he is hot.
  17. Alex Rodriguez - He is determined to make all Yankee fans hate him, I guess. Will miss the first 2-3 months recovering from hip surgery and/or other impending developments.
  18. Matt Dominguez - A nice rebuilding situation with no expectations, I think that's how Bugs Bunny got his start too.
  19. Mike Olt - Ab's are going to be sparse until Berkman breaks down. Potential to be a masher is there, yet to be a believer that he can be a mid to high average guy.
  20. Jamey Carroll - Jamey makes 2 lists, what is wrong with this world.

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