Looking for owners for an auction roto league

League is $50 plus CBS fee divided equally amongst all owners. I currently have 7 owners. I have been playing fantasy sports for 20 years and want to get back to my roots of an auction style roto keeper league.

Rosters will consist of 21 active (1 1b, 2b, ss, 3b, mi, ci, lf, cf,
rf, of, c, util and 9 pitchers) and 19 reserves. All players signed to
professional contracts are eligible for the auction and will be
salaried, including minor leaguers. The reserves are so large to help
accommodate minor leaguers. We will have a 3 man DL roster. Only
players actually on his team DL can be placed here. Any violation of
the DL roster will result in immediate release of the player.

Salary cap for the auction is 350 dollars. You must fill your 21
active roster spots at the auction but do not need to fill your
reserves. There is no salary cap during the season. Reserves picked up
during the season will be assigned a salary of 10 and increase per the
rule below.

Stats used will be, for hitters, Avg, HR, RBI, R, SB and OPS and for
pitchers, W, ERA, K, WHIP, SV, QS

Players are eligible to play at any position where they played 20
games last year or 5 games this year. Players who do not meet the
minimums (including minor leaguers) will be considered a DH until they
meet one of the minimums.

Players will have their salaries increase 5 dollars each year and can
be kept for up to 5 seasons. After 5 seasons the player MUST be
released into the auction pool. Players with less than 150 AB or 45 IP
will have their salary increase 2 dollars and not have their contract
increase. Contracts will not increase until a player exceeds the
minimums described, this is to help you keep minor leaguers as the
develop. You can keep between 0-15 players each season.

Your team must accumulate at least 1,000 IP during the season or you
will receive 0 for every pitching category.

Any other questions, please, let me know. Also, if you have anyone
else who may be interested, send them my way. If you are interested, email me at peteg9699 at gmail dot com. Also give me some details on your fantasy baseball experience.

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