One Team Left Start-UP Mixed Dynasty Feb 17th Auction


1) Auction Day Player Pool and Salary Cap

A) Our $520 Salary Cap per team applies only to Auction Day.

B) Any and every player in the world can be bought on Auction Day, no matter what league or level he played in the preceding season. No exceptions.

2) Sunday Evening Blitzkrieg- Eight 2-minute Rounds

A) At least 80% of each team’s weekly moves shall be made in a single 15-minute real time window, from 9 to 9:15 p.m. EST

B) One successful bid/acquisition per team per round.

C) Priority is based solely on reversed order of standings from previous day.

D) When the clock strikes 9:16 it's over!

3) Blind Vickery FAAB Bidding - Exclusive for 2 transactions:

A) Waiver Claims and

B) First Round Free Agent Acquisition.

C) Here is where we spend our FAAB.

4) GM Style Roto

A) 6 X 6 categories: Standard Roto 5 X 5 categories, plus IP and PA.

B) This is a General Manager/Team Owner styled League, not one where a Daily Manger sets lineups.

C) If they’re on your team they’re generating stats every day.

D) No Bench.

5) Dynasty-Keeper League

A) Each Team can keep up to 15 players from season to season.

B) Minimum 11 teams our first season in 2013 and eventually grow to 13-team league in subsequent seasons.

6) Roster Slots

A) 3 x Catchers,

B) 1 x Swing Man (can alternate between any hitter or pitcher),

C) 6 x outfielders,

D) 2 x 1B,

E) 2 x 2B,

F) 2 x 3B,

G) 2 x shortstop,

H) 2 x middle infield,

I) 2 x corner base,

J) 2 x utility,

K) 22 x pitchers.

7) Team Fee and Prize

A) Ten Bucks per team covers 3rd party Stat service provider.

B) Pennant Winner achieves Honor and Glory and can walk with more than a little Swagger.

We’re looking for two fantasy baseball team owners. After 26 consecutive seasons we came to an obvious conclusion that the people who do the best, the people that stick when they stumble as we all do, and the people who are and have the most fun, well, they all have one thing in common. They love baseball. They came to fantasy baseball as an extension of being a baseball fan first and foremost, not the other way round.


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