The earliest of early mock drafts: Round Two


Ray takes a quick look at the second round of the #earlymock14 fantasy baseball draft with the guys from Fantasy Assembly.

We are into the 14th round of the #earlymock14 fantasy baseball draft with the guys over at Fantasy Assembly, and I still have yet to draft a first baseman. Ugh. But I did draft George Springer. More on him later.

A few days ago, I gave you my thoughts on the first round of the mock draft, and today I offer my quick thoughts on the second round. Before we do that, here is a look at the 12 guys taken in the second round:

2.1 Ryan Braun (Dan Schwartz, Fake Teams)

2.2 Edwin Encarnacion (Jim Finch, Fantasy Assembly)

2.3 Jason Kipnis (Peter, Fantasy Assembly)

2.4 Joey Votto (Tommy, Fantasy Assembly)

2.5 Yu Darvish (Daniel Kelley, Fake Teams)

2.6 Evan Longoria (Alex Kantecki, Fake Teams)

2.7 Adrian Beltre (Kevin, Fantasy Assembly)

2.8 Prince Fielder (Paul Hartman, Fantasy Assembly)

2.9 David Wright (yours truly)

2.10 Jacoby Ellsbury (Jeff, Rotowords)

2.11 Yasiel Puig (Brian Creagh, Fake Teams)

2.12 Dustin Pedroia (Nabae Asfar, Fake Teams)

Damn that Brian Creagh!!! I thought for sure Puig would fall to me in the third round. Oh well, that's what I get for not drafting the guy I wanted, thinking he could fall to a later round.

There were a few surprises, for me, in round two, including Puig, Darvish, and Ellsbury. I have written before about why I am not a fan of Ellsbury this early, mainly because he is a three category hitter with little power. Plus, he has that injury risk, and is a free agent this offseason, which means he leave the Red Sox solid lineup, furthering hurting his fantasy value.

I love Darvish, and you really can't fault Daniel for taking him in the second round. After all, he is the second best starter in the game, and will lead the majors in strikeouts again in 2014. Plus, Daniel is an admitted Rangers fan, so he did what I SHOULD have done. Draft a player from your favorite team. Damn you, Brian!!

I didn't like Dan's first round pick of Freddie Freeman, but love his second round pick-Ryan Braun. I think he returns in 2014 and is same as he ever was. Good for you, Dan.

My second round pick was Mets third baseman David Wright. I grabbed him because I like hitters who can hit for power, for a solid BA and steal some bases. Wright should do all three, and has an outside shot at a 20-20 season in 2014. He hit 18 home runs and stole 17 bases in 112 games in 2013.

Thus far my team looks like this:

Rd. 1 Andrew McCutchen

Rd. 2 David Wright

So, let's hear your thoughts on the second round of the early mock draft in the comments section below.

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