MLB Trade Rumors: Brian McCann to the Giants?

Jonathan Daniel

Ray takes a look at the fantasy impact of the possibility of Brian McCann signing with the San Francisco Giants this offseason.

I read somewhere yesterday that the Giants are considering moving catcher Buster Posey to third base in 2014. I believe I read it in Eno Sarris chat over at FanGraphs yesterday. I had not read that anywhere before, and think the Giants would have some decisions to make on current third baseman Pablo Sandoval before moving Posey.

I get the reasons for moving Posey too. Posey is the Giants best hitter, and he is coming off a somewhat down season for him in 2013. Let't take a quick look at his stats, courtesy of Baseball-Reference:

2009 22 7 17 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 .118 .118 .118 .235 -38 2
2010 23 108 406 58 124 23 2 18 67 0 2 30 55 .305 .357 .505 .862 133 205
2011 24 45 162 17 46 5 0 4 21 3 0 18 30 .284 .368 .389 .756 116 63
2012 25 148 530 78 178 39 1 24 103 1 1 69 96 .336 .408 .549 .957 171 291
2013 26 148 520 61 153 34 1 15 72 2 1 60 70 .294 .371 .450 .821 138 234
5 Yrs 456 1635 215 503 101 4 61 263 6 4 177 255 .308 .377 .486 .864 143 795
162 Game Avg. 162 581 76 179 36 1 22 93 2 1 63 91 .308 .377 .486 .864 143 282
Provided by View Original Table
Generated 10/25/2013.

As you can see, Posey's stats dropped across the board in 2013 when compared to 2012. Maybe we will look back to 2012 and say that was a career year, but I think he is a better hitter than he showed in 2013, at least in the power categories. I see his power returning back into the .500 slugging percentage range in 2014.

So, this leads us to who will replace Posey at the catcher position in the Giants lineup if they do, in fact, move Posey to another position? Well, this leads us to Brian McCann, who is a free agent this offseason. According to CBS Sports Jon Heyman, the Giants are looking for a left handed power hitter this offseason, and McCann fits what they are looking for.

if the Giants are serious about signing McCann, and maybe they aren't, it would mean a position change for Posey, to either third base or first base. Right now, both positions are filled with Pablo Sandoval and Brandon Belt. Belt could be moved to left field as he has played the outfield in the past, with Posey moving to first base, and Sandoval staying at third base. Or, the Giants could deal Sandoval as he has one year left on his contract, and is relatively cheap at $8 million. The better choice is to move Belt to left field.

A move to San Francisco would hurt McCann's fantasy value a bit, in my opinion, as AT&T Park was the third toughest stadium for home runs, depressing home runs by 23%, while Turner Field ranked 18th, depressing home runs by just 7%. In addition, AT&T Park depressed runs scoring by 13% while Turner Field depressed run scoring by just 4%, so his home run, RBI and runs scored will be negatively impacted with a move to San Francisco.

What do Fake Teams readers think? Is San Francisco a good spot for McCann?

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