Giancarlo Stanton: Future Padre?

Marc Serota

Reports of the Marlins calling the Padres about Giancarlo Stanton makes me think they are more serious about dealing him. What is the fantasy impact?

Last night there were reports that the Marlins called the Padres to guage their interest in outfielder Giancarlo Stanton. A few weeks ago, the Marlins publicly stated they had no intention on moving their cost-controlled power hitting outfielder. But this report changes things, doesn't it?

Bill Center from the San Diego Union Tribune, reported the following in his Sunday article:

Stanton has apparently fallen out of favor with the Marlins due to his vocal criticism of the moves Miami has made recently to rid themselves of many of their front-line players and a majority of their payroll.

Although Stanton isn’t arbitration eligible until after the 2014 season and can’t be a free agent until after the 2016 season, the Marlins have contacted a number of teams regarding his availability, including the Padres.

The price would be steep. But the Marlins earlier asked the Padres about the availability of infielder Gyorko. It would take at least Gyroko and two other prospects the Marlins could control for six seasons – possibly either Liriano or Hedges plus a pitcher.

The Padres are blessed with one of the top farm systems in baseball, with several prospects close to being major league ready, including:

1. Jedd Gyorko, 3B

2. Casey Kelly, SP

3. Rymer Liriano, OF

4. Austin Hedges, C

5. Joe Ross, SP

6. Robbie Erlin, SP

7. Brad Boxberger, RP

8. Max Fried, SP

These players are not ranked in any specific order, as Hedges is the top prospect in the system right now according to Jason Parks over at Baseball Prospectus, and one of the top prospects in the game. In one respect, I say how can the Marlins trade away a talent like Giancarlo Stanton? He was born November 8, 1989, so he is just 23 years old, but has already hit 93 home runs and driven in 232 runs in a little over 2.5 major league seasons. Drink that in for a few moments.

Let's assume the Marlins are actually serious in dealing Stanton, the Padres are a good match. The Marlins need a lot of help as they traded away much of their major league talent to Toronto this offseason, and dealing Stanton would replenish their farm system with major league ready, or close to major league ready, prospects in a hurry.

Would a package of Jedd Gyorko, Austin Hedges, and Casey Kelly be enough in return for Stanton? Or would the Padres have to toss in a guy like Joe Ross? Getting a major league ready third baseman in Gyorko who is blocked by Chase Headley in San Diego, and a major league ready starter in Kelly is a nice start. Throw in Hedges who is several years away but has the hit tool and defensive chops to stay at catcher, and the Marlins would have a pretty nice return for Stanton. The Padres already have Yasmani Grandal as their long-term answer at catcher, so the team may be willing to deal Hedges away for Stanton.

Moving to San Diego's Petco Park probably doesn't impact Stanton's power output for fantasy owners, as I don't think there are many stadiums that can hold a ball that Stanton hits hard. Add in the fact that the Padres are changing the dimensions of Petco in 2013, and fantasy owners should have nothing to worry about assuming a deal like this actually happens.

Is a package of Hedges, Kelly and Gyorko enough return in a deal for Giancarlo Stanton?

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