Don't Believe The Hype: Hey, Look, Zach Britton Edition

BALTIMORE, MD: Starting pitcher Zach Britton #53 of the Baltimore Orioles throws to a Chicago White Sox batter during the seventh inning at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

The only drop everyone seemed to agree on this week was Rafael Furcal, who has a tear in an elbow ligament, and very well might miss what little is left of the 2012 season. Besides that, all the major movement has been in additions, starting with the Orioles' Zach Britton.

Zach Britton, SP (39 percent owned, +22 percent): Since returning to the majors, Britton has done very well for himself. The 4.15 ERA is just average, but he's been striking out batters, something he hasn't done for more than a few innings at a time since 2009. It's unlikely to last in the long term, but if Britton can get grounders and miss some bats, then he can have some value. At least, relative to what you can pick up this late in the season. If you need some more quality innings, Britton isn't a bad place to go. Just don't expect him to win your league on his own, especially if the Ks vanish.

Eric Stults, SP (30 percent owned, +15 percent owned): Stults has started 10 games for the Padres now, and he owns a 2.35 ERA. There are issues, though, as he's struck out just four per nine, and given up nearly a homer per nine despite pitching in Petco. In his 232 innings in the majors, Stults has been average, but the only real appeal here is that you can use him while he's at Petco in the hopes of sneaking a good start out of him.

Tyler Colvin, OF (59 percent owned, +14 percent): Nothing has changed with Colvin from the last few times we've talked about him: he's a fantastic addition when at Coors, but still Tyler Colvin outside of its walls. If you have a league with daily changes, then he's worth snagging.

Delmon Young, LF (59 percent owned, +12 percent): What, why? Who is picking up Delmon Young? There has to be a better option somewhere. It's Delmon Young! Yes, he's put together two good weeks, but, being Delmon Young, that means the next few weeks will likely be filled of pain and torment for you. Remember: Young has hit .273/.305/.416 over the last two years.

Carlos Gomez, CF (54 percent owned, +9 percent): We featured Gomez recently, basically to say that, if you've got the room to take a flier on him, then do so. His combination of power and speed, if he can keep it going, makes him a very valuable player, one who almost half of leagues still haven't noticed.


Brandon Moss, OF/1B (10 percent owned, +2 percent): Moss keeps on hitting for power, and as hard as it is to believe that it will last, if he's available in your league still, there's no reason to avoid him at this late stage.


Adam Eaton, LF (8 percent owned, +5 percent): Eaton was recently called up after hitting .381/.456/.539 in 119 games at Triple-A. That's probably all I need to tell you about Eaton.

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