Fantasy Football: Week 3 Top Waiver Wire Pickups

Before you look at the list below and gawk at the fact there is only one non-special teams pick-up noted, let me remind you of a few things. Firstly, it’s Tuesday night and the top pickups from a couple of days ago are now on teams so they have slipped down the list. Secondly, I’m in a 16-team league, so a lot of the top pickups among my fellow poolies get scooped up before games based on speculation and the luck of the draw. Here’s the list…drumroll please!!

1. Arizona Cardinals Defense

Over the last few years, the only Cardinals worth owning include Larry Fitzgerald and Beenie Wells. However after three short weeks, you can add there defense to your roster and do it ASAP. In my Yahoo league the top defenses are projected for 27ish points and most end up scoring below 20 (including my defense of choice, the San Francisco 49ers). In contrast the Cards defense put up 43+ points on the Philadelphia Eagles this past week and have stayed above the 20 point mark in their previous games against the New England Patriots and they improved Seattle Seahawks

2. Atlanta Falcons Defense

Honestly, owning any of the Falcons’ offensively gifted players is money in the bank for your fantasy team and their defense should be relatively consistent as the team looks like a Super Bowl favorite after three weeks. Your decision to make this move also depends on your philosophy. The thing about both options is that they are going to be involved in a lot of high-scoring games, where their opponents are forced to throw the ball down the field and play catch up. What this means is that the defense will either be able to spread out and protect against the pass more effectively or that they will inevitably give up at least a handful of points regularly. Of course it depends on which team you have in place as your existing defense and to the Falcons are matching up against in particular weeks.

3. Andrew Hawkins – Cincinnati Bengals WR

In point per reception leagues like the one I am in, I wouldn’t necessarily rush to pick up a guy like Hawkins. Yes he had eight receptions in week one, but in the two weeks after that she has four receptions total. He might turn out to be the type of young talent that can rack up yards and touchdowns on very few catches the way a guy like Desean Jackson of the Eagles did in his first two seasons with Philadelphia, but with AJ Green being the main offense of target in Cincinnati, he might also have a few weeks where he gets one or two catches in less than 50 yards. That said he is worth a gamble in deeper leagues.

4. Seattle Seahawks Defense

The Seahawks could be one of the biggest surprises of the 2012-13 NFL season whether or not you agree with the referees giving them a game-winning touchdown last night over the Green Bay Packers. Rookie quarterback Russell Wilson and running back Marshawn Lynch will be able to do enough to keep the Seahawks in games, especially on their home turf where Seattle has been good for as long as I can remember. Day have a handful of young defensive players with a high ceiling in terms of potential and last night those guys showed a glimpse of that sacking former NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers at the times in the first half of the game.

5. Lawrence TynesNew York Giants Kicker

It’s really hard to predict when a kicker is going to have a great week, especially because when the kicker’s team scores touchdowns, it actually takes away from the kicker’s opportunities in terms of fantasy scoring. That said Tynes is fairly reliable when he does get the chance to kick and has a combined 41.50 points in the last two weeks. If for whatever reason your kicker struggled to start the year, a Super Bowl champion addition to your team is not a bad play.

Other Notable Waiver Wire Movers and Shakers…

Detroit Lions Running Back Mikel LeShoure…

134 total yards and a touchdown is not a bad stat line to finish with after your first career game. When you add in the fact LeShoure had a total of 30 touches in the contest and that his teammate Kevin Smith was nowhere to be found in a shootout against the Tennessee Titans where the two teams put up 85 points total on Sunday, it looks like LeShoure has already assured himself a spot as the team’s go to guy in the weeks ahead. Add all of that to the fact quarterback Matthew Stafford is out with an injury and this guy is going to be seeing a lot of action effective immediately.

Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Christian Ponder

Ponder threw up over 30 fantasy points on Sunday against one of the best defenses in the NFL, the San Francisco 49ers. With Adrian Peterson looking healthy and able to contribute and tight end Kyle Rudolph Looking like a consistent thread in the red zone, Ponder will have his share of options to look to. As long as the electric Percy Harvin can avoid missing any games with his regular migraine issues and the Vikings can get Jerome Simpson back in the lineup, Ponder is a good spot starter who could really be in the zone come mid-season.

If you would like to follow more of the sports stuff that I have been doing, you can follow me on twitter @jackchoros.

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